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How can you backup & restore online stored data?

Updated on January 19, 2016

The most common dilemma our generation is going through is where and how to store files securely. Even after purchasing high-end smartphones, tablets or computers, everybody is running out of storage space. Thanks to the cloud storage services that made our lives comparatively easier. Cloud storage or online backup is a powerful strategy used by several small businesses, home users or any personnel professionals. In simple terms, it is a procedure of backing up your data that includes sending a copy of the data over the proprietary servers. This method of storing data on off-site servers offered by various trusted third-party service providers is referred to Online Backup or Cloud Backup.

There are several cloud backup or online storage providers available in the market that sometimes, it is really difficult to choose which service is right for you; a few and most popular are Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, Box, etc. So, following the trend of online backup services, the lately publicized online backup software is Right Backup.

Now, do you just want to back-up your data or you also want to synchronize all your files across different devices? The highly preferred trait users are looking for is the flexibility of accessing the stored information over a cloud system. Keeping the fact in mind, since the diversity of access points has been increasing each passing day; we have designed the best online backup software to provide far or less indisputable solutions to the users.

The unmatched features of Right Backup are:

Ease of Access: Ease of Access, the major reason why cloud system is so much popular among users. It allows you to pull the information or any run applications from a wide variety of devices. So, basically, it gives you a flexible access to your stored information. It gently meets the requirements of end-users demanding the access to their information, when they are on the go. This data recovery tool is designed in such a way to make sure that the user can access individual files or folders using multiple devices (Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS).

Safety: Safety is considered as the priority feature. As your data is stored on a cloud system, you can never ever have a fear of flooding, theft or fire. The data kept on cloud storage is generally stored in encrypted form on trusted servers. While you have an easy access to all the stored information via multiple devices, it also makes sure to provide a complete protection to the stored data against data loss.

Ease of Recovery: Along with ease of access, it also gives you easy recovery options. The backed-up data stored on servers are made easily available to its owner. This the best back-up software because the way it lets you back-up the data; in the very same way it allows you to recover the backed-up files on multiple devices against data loss.

Automatic Backup: Taking your data over the cloud system is as easy as storing it on your device. This online storage tool lets you perform the automatic back-up of your files and folders. It is one of the dominant benefits of this powerful cloud storage software. Providing automatic back-up is just like assuring you that you will really never have to worry about losing your data.

Manage your data, share your data: The most advantageous thing with online backup is that it is accessible from anywhere and from multiple devices as far as they are connected to the internet. It gives you lots of option to manage your data. Managing doesn’t really mean that you have to track the information or save or mark labels proactively. Back-up your data and access it directly without worrying about any data loss.

A few advantages of this online storage tool are:

  • Offers free storage space on Signing-up
  • User-friendly and interactive features
  • Allows quick restore
  • Stores data on encrypted servers

Eventually, Right Backup is nowhere less than any other prominent free cloud storage or cloud backup services. It provides you a centralized place where you can securely store and access your data from multiple devices. It is the most secure way to save all your important files at one place.


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