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How do Google Alerts Work?

Updated on March 12, 2011

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a content monitoring system run by Google. You set an "alert" for certain search terms and as Google has such a good search engine it will notify you of anything matches the search terms you entered.

The notifications can be received by email or through a feed and this is an incredibly useful service for many different reasons and I will give some examples later in this Hubpage as well as why you would want to use Google Alerts.  

Google Alerts Picture

Google Alerts
Google Alerts

It's Easy!

It is so easy to use Google Alerts, just go to the website below!

Then just follow the instructions:

How to use Google Alerts

1) Enter your search terms you want to monitor

2) Select what category you want e.g. News, Video, Blogs, Everything

3) How often do you want alerts, I recommend once a day

4) Everything or just the best results, choose.

5) Where do you want the alerts, a gmail address or the feed

6) Click Create Alert

CONGRATULATIONS, you have correctly set up your first Google Alert!

What Would Google Do?

What Would Google Do?
What Would Google Do?

Very interesting book about Google, what makes them so successful and the future.


Why do I want to use Google Alerts?

Google Alerts are useful as they are so easy to use and look out for whatever you want from across the Internet.

 Let's say you own a small restaurant in a town and want to see what people are saying about your restaurant and read reviews and check out what people are saying.  Instead of searching the whole Internet, you can let Google do the work after about 2 minutes of setting Google  Alerts up!

In your email at the end of every day you find a new review of your restaurant and to your delight have seen it has been rated 4/5 stars.  You can learn from this feedback and also see how you could improve without using surveys and paying money!  Simple.  Someone else might suggest a new dish you could surve, this is all priceless information.

Found this useful?

Enjoyed reading this Hubpage and found it useful! Good I hope so or you would not still be here! 

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Thanks for reading!

Do you use Google Alerts? Why?

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      daisynicolas 5 years ago from Alaska

      Thanks for the tips. I'm on to it.