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How do Small Businesses benefit from VoIP

Updated on August 25, 2011

Small Businesses have Different Needs

Marketers have long known that the sales pitch required for a small or medium sized business with say 50 employees or less is very different from the one given to a larger firm. The reason is that small businesses are still concerned with the economics of any transaction and that takes precedence over many other factors which would hold weight with a corporation. For example, they need to be told specifically which features of a VoIP system are going to benefit them and how instead of just being told about all the great things VoIP does.

Because VoIP sellers generally tend to focus a lot on the features of VoIP without telling the business owner how they're going to directly benefit, these businesses have a lower adoption of VoIP. This is actually a missed opportunity. Small companies stand to benefit greatly from the features and cost savings of VoIP and we'll look at what those benefits are in this article.

If you're a small business owner, VoIP can save you money as well as provide you with some key features which can dramatically improve the efficiency of your workforce, your sales team and your help desks.

Setting up hosted VoIP
Setting up hosted VoIP

VoIP for Small Businesses

Small businesses need to focus on just a few key features of VoIP which will benefit them. The first of course is the cost. Not an in house PBX of course which is expensive, but a hosted PBX plan which outsources the hardware and management and provides the phone services to you for a monthly fee. If you make a lot of international calls, VoIP is a clear winner since you save enormously with the cheaper calling. This is because your voice travels over the Internet for the most part. Even without International calls though VoIP rates are lower than what you will get from the PSTN system.

The second benefit is to the sales team. Marketers can have multiple devices linked to the same number which belongs to the company. Which means that they can take calls no matter where they are and no matter which phone they're using. Since the number belongs to the company, you can give it to someone else when they leave and all your clients will be able to continue their business with you.

To determine when to switch to hosted PBX systems, call your ITSP and find out what they have on offer. Setting up a hosted PBX system is easy and can be done in just 15 minutes!


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