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Facebook, Twitter, Google plus. Does your page hold klout?

Updated on September 22, 2012

How much luxury is your social media sites worth?

By:Anastasia Vaughan

For years the media has not so surprisingly informed mainstream society that social media was the new wave that would eventually link the dominant world together under the internet’s umbrella. Recently it has become a fact that future of generation x may very well in the end depending on how well you use social media sites to network. In the future social media can very well become a new form of how you are evaluated for a job, increase your credit/leaning score ratings, and even help you create your own brand of marketability in the very capitalistic world.

How nice would it be to be able to have access to the more finer things in life based on a social network media rating? Well, if this idea appeals to you the advertising industry has most recently begun the journey of giving away free products, private test drives for luxury vehicles, free romantic match making, personalized private sales and Capital One bonus miles to people who have signed up fro social media analyzing sites who score highly in having social media clout. In other words as the trend of seeing how trendy everyday people can be on social media sites grows the new wave of wealth and non-celebrity prestige may very well rely on how many friends, followers, and contacts you have on your social media profiles. Sites like Peer Index, Klout scale, and people browser who specialize in find marketing niches in small mediums may just be the answer to helping many get by on their social appeal alone. According to the way the Klout scores are calculated your measure of online influence it is based on 400 variables which include the amount of retweets and Facebook posts get calculated.

Movebank founder Brett King believes high social media scores are better indicators of trustworthiness simply because higher score show that other people trust their judgment. It has also been said that in the future employer are set to start taking notice as to how much clout a potential employee carries online before hiring them as an indication as to wither they would have great customer service skills or not.

However, in a world of the self observed “I” will this new interest in social media as a means of judging ones character really be an accurate depiction of people who are worthy gaining a back-up level of marketing clout? If your asking me personally the answer is no. Sites like Facebook and twitter thrive off people who are much more open with their lifestyles and hold nothing for themselves. It is very easy for social media users to fake popularity by doing simple things such as checking-in frequently for there whereabouts to be publicly seen, adding hundreds of photos ( which more often than most times equal hundreds of friends), and shamelessly promoting their profiles to each and every individual they meet.

Despite the fact that having a high Klout score can give off the illusion that people are really into you that does not mean that higher score indicate a persons ability to sale a product or keep the lines of communication open with others. What Klout scores can’t tell you is if 90% or more of the 900 friends on any given average persons Facebook page is resentful having been reduced to being just another number or not. Although Klout scoring and several other sites that specialize in doing calculations of the same thing seems to be the general new direction that we as a society are heading towards in the near future their one would hope that online influence wouldn’t deter any potential friends, employers, or from the golden experience of testing out face to face interaction. If your Klout score is a 70 or higher congratulations because that is above the average score of the average celebrity. And just for your enjoyment I will be posting the Klout scores of several celebrities below this article. Enjoy!

Celebrity Klout Scores…

Snooki 56

Martha Stewart 71

Lauren Conrad 77

Mitt Romney 85

The Kardashians 87

Oprah Winfrey 91

Justin Bieber 92

Lady Gaga 93

Chris Brown 93

Rihanna 93

President Barack Obama

The next time you hear the saying that the best things in life are free I suggest you load up on friends request join the crowd and sign up for the Klout scale reward program and enjoy the fruits of your social media networking labor.


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