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How on earth did Apple to launch the phone "obsolete" iPhone SE?

Updated on March 29, 2016

Screen size smartphone is one of the controversial aspects throughout the years. Large-screen phone gives you a content display space more comfortable, better entertainment, but also as pocket grip will not be easy.

iPhone 6 Plus was born to put an end to the 4-inch iPhone line

But one thing must be recognized that the current user trend seems very popular big screen.And even if Apple agrees to 'mainstream' this new. The result is that we've got an iPhone 6 Plus with up to 5.5-inch screen, satisfied expectations of many users. Even at that time, perhaps you also had thoughts about death Apple will give the size of the series 4-inch or less, give way to the iPhone's screen form larger and larger screens both so in the future. But then one day, a version of 'refreshing' of iPhone 5s again, it owns benchmark scale is stronger than the duo 'flagship' of the current Apple iPhone 6 / 6s. So what happened with smartphone usage trends of consumers today?


" No one wants to buy a big phone" - Steve Jobs

"No one is going to buy a big Ever phone" (roughly translated: No one wants to buy a phone that big) - classic quote by Steve Jobs in what is now probably no more effective at a time present. A time when the smartphone market is gradually 'saturated' and the need to use smartphones becoming more powerful. Now, users who want a phone with a larger screen to be able to cram all the contents in it. Not only that, it also must achieve the performance necessary to control the games 'terrorist' with high graphics. Or films such as resolution of Full HD, even 2K. As you can see, smartphones now have a comprehensive reform!

Of course, the expectations on both the positive direction, it meets the demand for the majority of users, and the intention of the manufacturer. With the large size smartphone, highly configurable, manufacturers earned higher profits, have more reason to marketing their products better. But not so that few users go against the trend to be overwhelmed by the large number of things that are excellent for this. They still worship size fits in the palm of his hand, they do not need the power, beauty trendy. Simple, they just do 'a job', that is more than enough!


More than 30 million iPhones sold 4-inch, the number has to motivate Apple launches iPhone SE

Production sales of large-screen iPhone Apple have to say is very good, but not so that it makes 'disturbance' of the existence of the iPhone 4-inch. The company also has bluntly declared that that iPhone 5s models still achieve relatively stable sales milestone, although more than 2 years of age. Only last year, Apple has sold more than 30 Absent million iPhone 5s, despite the presence of the version of 'elder' storming the market like iPhone 6 / 6Plus or 6s / 6s Plus. It also demonstrates that the purchasing power of the phones 'compact' is still high. Although its hardware is becoming obsolete compared to the average smartphone today. And certainly will also degrade more quickly when Apple launched the new OS versions in the future. Because they require more robust configuration to ensure the features, enhancements to operate smoothly. What the new iPhone models only back here with the ability to undertake new.


It is these needs, Apple has strong investment as almost 'all sizes' for iPhone 4-inch SE.Although the design is what makes many users disappointed. But admittedly, iPhone SE is very strong, stronger than the iPhone 6s Plus Apple's most senior present in all recent AnTuTu benchmark test.

Reportedly, the machine equipped with the fastest processors Apple A9, M9 with motion sensors, 2GB of RAM, the new generation of memory chips, NFC, Wi-Fi speed faster and certainly something that, it will also receive the updates Apple's operating system for years to come.

In addition, you also get something else? An iPhone SE very lightweight in the hand, comfortably manipulate, manage content on the computer is easy when using only one hand, longer battery life, supports Live Photos. Even more important is the cost of the machine is quite affordable, only $ 399 for the version with 16GB internal memory and $ 499 for the 64GB version.

iPhone SE: "Small but martial"

In return, the iPhone will not have 3D Touch, Touch ID home button at the same time can not bring good experience as the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus. But that shortcoming would probably not on a matter that is too big of a large user.


Apple is very good at creating new trends. It is not simply just the most advanced product line, but sometimes, those products "half lean half fat" party ink also take some of the media - and the iPhone SE fever during It has been a good example.

iPhone SE sparked trends 4-inch screen

If you look at it objectively, the iPhone is just a sample SE 'flagship mini' and nothing more.What Android manufacturers have done in previous years, but unfortunately, most of these products are not large resonates, prone to the product line 'key' which overshadowed its go.Ironically, Apple iPhone SE is also developing in that direction but the 'strength' of communication it has become ever more powerful. Even, you will have something to feel injustice for the Android flagship models 'mini'. By iPhone SE there a change in appearance, it is a clear copy of the iPhone 5s have appeared on the market more than two years ago.Machines are only upgrading the hardware to catch up the current trends, and the cost is also reduced in order to stimulate purchasing power of users keen compact design.

You'll love the iPhone SE you?

Will the iPhone SE will be successful? Of course, we still can not answer this question at the present time. But at least in recent times, we have seen its appeal in the eyes intense users and the media - Article 'rare' mobile products that owns the current modest size can can do


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