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How the cloud recruitment software is different from in-house recruitment software?

Updated on March 10, 2016

With evolution of the cloud platforms, many of the organizations have now moved from traditional, in-house business management processes to the most advanced cloud solutions. This has had a major affect on the HR industry too and has allowed recruiters to look above and beyond for new possibilities of recruitment strategies.

Cloud Recruitment Software - Fast Becoming The Preferred Choice for Recruiters, Staffing Organizations and Hiring Professionals

Gone are the days when the HR team had to shuffle through resumes, search for the right one from piles and piles of resumes lying on the desk, separating the best candidates, tracking the applicant's status, recording interview details and then finally reporting to the senior team members and the managers etc. But, now with the availability of the multi-featured cloud recruitment software, recruitment has reached its next best level. Now, HR professionals have got various options to automate their tasks and find the right candidates. Even before the existence of the cloud, the software for the HR was in the form of a desktop tool, for instance the resume management tool or applicant tracking tool. They really made the work easier in the beginning but the performance was limited. With the evolution of the cloud and the development of cloud recruitment software, organizers have got the chance to streamline all their tasks and recruit in the smartest way, quickly and effortlessly.

This saves time and money for the recruiting organizations, as it makes it easy for the team to collaborate more innovatively and give recruiters the freedom to work from anywhere at anytime they want. It eliminated the problems of time-bound communications and gave new ways of smart communication.

Why Cloud Recruitment Software?

Substantial saturation, dependence and reliance on internet for complete hiring processes has led to this software solution that can deliver great results without affecting human resources functioning. Cloud is what every organization looks for. Web-based software promises of a great hiring experience, comes with massive advantages, saves time and extra costs for the organizations.

Cloud Recruitment Software

Cloud Recruitment Software
Cloud Recruitment Software

Reducing IT infrastructure expenditure

First and the foremost organizations do not have to invest more to implement this technology in their hiring process that is generally essential these days. They may spend just a little amount to switch on to today’s best technology and reap all benefits of being on cloud.

Vendors providing SaaS Recruitment Software will take the responsibility of management on their shoulders and give you the freedom to go about your work as you want. The security issues, updates, fixing bugs or eliminating the flaws will be dealt with, all care and diligence. Your vendor will invest money and resources to ensure that software works for you in the right way. Thus, help you to achieve a better recruitment experience, and safeguard your crucial information and let you gain a competitive advantage over other clients.

Cloud Recruitment Software Features

Workforce - Globalization

Web-based recruitment software help recruiters, managers and other decision-makers to get access to the data they want from anywhere . No matter which part of the world they are in, they can access the data. It enhances accessibility to all-important and relevant information, eradicating all geographical barriers. It is certainly a boon for hiring enterprises who run multiple branches, operate from various countries and those who are looking for a solution that can make work easy and eliminate geographical barriers.

Automation Yields Better Results

With cloud software , paperwork goes into oblivion and automation comes into existence. It comes with a multitude of features which perfectly automates all of the major tasks of the recruitment without the hassle of excessive paperwork.

Pay As You Use

Many organizations, especially start-ups, feel that implementing cloud recruitment technology in their recruitment process will be a big proportion and they may have to enter contractual agreements. But, it is really not like that. This is certainly not a condition. There are various options available for the users. They can use on a monthly basis or pay as they use the software in the cloud for the time period, or they can have a fixed price if they want to. Yes, these options exist. Selecting the highly innovative cloud-based recruitment software, you are committed to pay for limited period you select. There will certainly be obligations of some kind from the vendor. This means, for start-ups and small companies, the software offers the option to recruit the smart way and pay as they use it without any financial obligations which certainly help to a greater extent in streamlining their hiring process

Higher level of flexibility

With hiring requirements increasing, the move from basic to more advanced features can eliminate the problems of hiring and make process of hiring more effective and result-oriented. SaaS based solution will come with flexible plans, you can upgrade from basic to advanced plans anytime you want as per the growing needs of recruitment. The entrepreneurs have the option to scale up and down fully in accordance to your needs without creating any effect on the workflow.

How cloud recruitment triumphs over traditional in-house recruiting tools?

It is an obvious fact the staffing organizations and recruiters at any big organization recruit more effectively and easily when they make use, of the cloud software. Using desktop-based recruitment tools might not produce effective results. It is in the hour of need that the companies should take up innovative approach to enhance their recruitment processes with all new cloud software. Here are just a few of the many other benefits of cloud recruitment software that triumphs over in house recruitment tools:

  • Multi-site and multilingual as per the needs of the hiring enterprises.
  • Streamline recruiting processes for increasing efficiency.
  • Curtailing extra costs.
  • Better data collection, transfer and storage.
  • Superior analytics.
  • View and download financial and operational reports.
  • With insights into the data, managers, decision-makers can take best strategic decisions.
  • Highly flexible and scalable, packed full of plenty of pioneering features.
  • Suitable for one-two-user agencies up to global enterprises.
  • Simple and intuitive.
  • 100% configurable with advanced client and candidate management features.
  • Effective candidate tracking.
  • Data storage, recover, security and management.
  • User configurable dashboards.
  • Powerful contextual search functionality (search for resumes, contact information, candidates on basis of skills set etc.


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