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How to Access Microsoft Office Live

Updated on February 18, 2011

How to make Microsoft Live Access Account

Hello Every one, Today I am going to tell you about accessing the office live account.There is a step by step method if you want to access ms office live account.If you want to use Ms-Office Live in your browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE8, first you have to login to your live account. If you don't have any account yet you have to first create it, you have to go to Microsoft's website Now the rest is easy just sign In or Sign Up into live account . Click on the Office Link shown in screen shot No. 1, when you click on it from there you can easily move to next section which is shown in screen shot No. 2. When you are there on the top right side you can see you can make online documents, upload them, share them on Skydrive.

You can just do all the work whatever you want to perform in you desktop office online. Its Interesting and also can perform all the Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote task them online, do collaboration on SharePoint, this works even if you don't own Microsoft Office install in your computer that's the beauty of it. It is just sharing all the data through the online cloud computing provided by Microsoft which is must robust.


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