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How to Annoy People on Twitter

Updated on November 24, 2009

At it's best, Twitter is a very cool conversation had among tweeps; at it's worst, it's an annoying badgering of them. As with any social construct, there are rules and basic etiquette to be followed when using a social network tool. If you can't suss it out for yourself, that's fine -- but you can probably expect to lose tweeps as often as you make them. The following is a list of some of the more annoying behaviors some tweeps exhibit on a regular basis; if you're losing followers on a regular basis, you may be one of the people I'm referring to!

1. Too many #FF tweets.

It's cool that you like to spread the #FollowFriday love and promote your fellow mates -- but if you do this all Friday long, you are going to annoy everyone who follows you. Why? Because there is nothing to read in these tweets, it's just advertising for people you follow. It's fine in moderation, but the fact is, most of your tweeps aren't going to follow more than a few of the people in your #FF tweets, and everything else is a waste of your time and theirs. This is even more annoying when people do #FF on other days as well!

2. Tweet inspirational quotes all day long.

There are people who actually tweet inspirational crap all day long. Some of them even pretend to have thought it up themselves! But even when properly credited, it's not something I want to read all day long. Seriously. If I want to be inspired by quotes, I'll buy the book. If you tweet other people's quotes all day long, that only makes it look like you've got nothing of your own to say.

3. Send automatic private message spam.

Every so often I get private DMs from people I've just followed -- the DMs are automatic and are meant to thank me, but usually also offer some suggestion of how to make money from something they are promoting. You people are annoying! If I'm interested in something you're selling, I'll let you know!

4. Follow and unfollow multiple times to keep yourself at the top of the page.

I haven't seen this too often but it does happen: Someone will follow you, get their name at the top of your follower list and then unfollow you after a handful of other people sign on behind them. Once they're off the first page they unfollow and then re-follow to get themselves back at the top. Annoying! And easily sorted by blocking them.

5. Tweet affiliate links in all of your tweets.

There was a woman who had something like 6,000 followers and tweeted normal enough tweets. But every single tweet had a cloaked URL at the bottom and gave the impression that it had something to do with the tweet itself. I clicked a few times, thinking it was going to take me somewhere that had something to do with the topic she was discussing. Did it? Nope; took me to her affiliate marketing page. Annoying!


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