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How to Backup Google Calendar

Updated on August 17, 2010

If you've read some of my articles online on Hubpages, you are probably aware that I am a big fan of the "computing cloud" for data storage. I just love the way I can create a document online and then access from any computer or smartphone in the world. The ease of access and the "always available" ideology are what is propelling the movement to the cloud. However, as a user, I sometimes worry about my data being out there without having a personal, "hard" copy stored on my own computer. What happens if my accounts online are disabled or if my password is lost or stolen? What happens if the company I'm storing my files with goes out of business? There are a lot of things that can go wrong when storing everything online, and so I am writing this guide to show you how to back your online data up to a more local place.

Google Calendar

This article is going to focus on one of Google's feature products: Google Calendar. If you're like me, you may have your entire calendar saved online through this web service. I make all of my appointments and events through Google Calendar, and it is a great tool to help me stay on track throughout the day. However, I also have an occasional concern that my data might not always be accessible. This could happen if I forgot my password or if my internet connection is lost. Fortunately, Google makes it quite simple to backup the Calendar to a variety of well-known formats.

Google's Backup Feature

Google understands that people will need to backup their data. So they have conveniently added a feature within the calendar web app that allows users to download a copy of their calendar. To use it, log in to Google Calendar. Then, at the top right click "Settings" > "Calendar Settings."

Next, click the "Calendars" tab at the top of the page. Then, look for the button near the bottom that says "Export Calendars."

This will bring up a Save File Dialog box. Choose where you want to save your file and then click "Save."

This will then create a ZIP folder in that location with all of your calendar files inside. These files can be opened with Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Sunbird, and other calendar programs as described at:

Backing up your calendar is something you should do often, especially if you are worried about data loss or not being able to access your account.

Read about Backing up Google Docs here.

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    • profile image

      Hagar 3 years ago

      Hi Geninne! I look forward to your cadnalers every month! Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork this way - it's a treat! Would you be willing to share what you use to create and share your calendar? I would love to do this for my photography clients. I understand your busy, but thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. My internet searches are coming up short for a clear answer to this query. Thanks again! Love love love your stuff! ~Julie

    • Azotix profile image

      Azotix 6 years ago

      There is another solution for this case. You can use any desktop client for Google Calendar. It automatically stores copy of your calendar on your computer and you can browse it then you are offline. There are several such clients. For example Google Desktop application or various tools which syncs Google Calendar with Outlook. I recommend third party software - Active Organizer

    • xnotion profile image

      xnotion 7 years ago

      Hi tfetfe,

      I'm glad this worked for you! Thanks for the comment too!

    • profile image

      tfetfe 7 years ago

      worked!! great, thank you.