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Tips on How to Get Your Presentation Featured On the Slideshare Homepage

Updated on February 27, 2013

If you're trying to market your blog, business, or brand, you should be thinking about using Slideshare. Along with Pinterest, it's one of the hottest websites in terms of social media marketing these days. The website garners millions of hits every month, and every presentation that makes it onto the front page is going to get a slice of the action.

The question, then, is how do you get a presentation onto the front page of Slideshare, and how much is this going to benefit you?

How Presentations Get Featured on the Slideshare Homepage

When I started with Slideshare, I did a lot of reading about it. Research helps, and if you know how the game works you can increase your chances of winning. In this case, I think there's some misinformation about how presentations appear on the Slideshare homepage.

First, let's break the homepage down into two parts. On the bottom half of the homepage, there is a collection of presentations that are hot on social media platforms, like "Hot on Facebook" and "Hot on Twitter." These follow different rules, and you might want to read this hub about getting featured on Slideshare with Twitter.

Today, we want to think about how presentations can get on the upper half of the Slideshare homepage, in the segment titled "Featured Presentations."

Myths and Misinformation

I've read reports that you can get featured here by getting a certain number of views (750 to 1,000) in a single night. This traffic will get your presentation featured. This goes hand in hand with a suggestion that properly timing your upload can help increase your chances of getting featured. This advice seems to ride on the assumption that some kind of algorithm selects which presentations get featured and which don't. I'm not so sure that this is accurate...

Based on my experience, you definitely don't need that many views to get featured. When my first presentation was featured, it only had around 300 views. It had also been on the site for a week. It had lost that initial bump in traffic you get when you first upload a presentation, and it's traffic was in the low double digits the day before it was featured.

This leads me to believe, instead, that the "Featured Presentation" section is a curated list of presentations. This is definitely different from the social media segments at the bottom of the homepage.

Real Experience With Features

Therefore, your main concerns should be: a) creating a high quality presentation and b) providing value for the user. You need to impress the editors at Slideshare, and they're not going to pick your presentation if it's subpar.

That being said, the presentations in the "Featured Presentations" section are good, but not amazing. So don't think you have to be a great graphic designer to get featured. Just make a solid presentation that's easy on the eyes. I think the content - whether it's helpful, timely, and interesting - is more important than the form.

In my case, I think my Slideshare was featured for having timely informaton. It was about Christmas shopping, and it was featured two weeks before Christmas. It also ranked on the first page in Google for a keyword, so it's possible that the Google traffic helped alert the Slideshare editorial team to its value.

Featured on the Slideshare Homepage

How Valuable Is a Feature?

While the "Featured Presentation" is not as great as being a "Presentation of the Day," it is of much greater value than being "Hot on Twitter" or some other social media platform.

I had a presentation featured on the homepage for about 36 hours. Over that time, it received about a thousand or so views. That's not bad, and far more than any other presentation I've uploaded without having it featured.

The value of this depends on how well your presentation can capture those visitors. You need to include some kind of call to action in your presentation, and then you can convert some of those 1,000+ visitors into profits.

For example:

  • Include a prominent link to your blog at the beginning and end of your presentation.
  • Include links to products on Amazon, if appropriate, and collect commissions.
  • Direct people to your opt-in page, where they can download your free eBook in exchange for joining your mailing list.

In some ways, this is just like a successful post on your own blog. Traffic itself is meaningless until you've figured out a way to capture it and convert it into profit. It's up to you find a method that matches the message of your presentation.

If your presentation is about teaching strategies, you probably don't want to include Amazon affiliate links. Likewise, if your discussing tech gadgets, you may not want to offer an eBook about webquests. Make sure that the message of your presentation matches the call to action, and you'll have the best luck converting that traffic.

Finally, being featured will give your Slideshare a bump in the SERPs. If you've chosen a title and content that's optimized for a certain search term, spending a day on the Slideshare homepage will help boost you to the top of the rankings. This will bring in a long term traffic that lasts long after your presentation has slipped off the homepage.

Have You Been Featured...? Tell Me About It.

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