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How to Become Power User on Twitter

Updated on July 14, 2014

Why Become Power User On Twitter

It is a fact that power users rule Twitter. Whether they tweet for commercial gains or pleasure, they get a large number of followers, get connected to influential bloggers and stand as vanguard for upcoming and recent trends. The power users use a number of tools and applications to optimise their communication and get connected to relevant people. The power users discuss about the recent trends citing interesting articles from the net and they enrich the entire experience on Twitter.

Contrary to common belief, the power users do not spend eighteen hours a day in front of a computer, Tweeting all day. They actually inculcate certain healthy habits which anyone can emulate to become a power user on Twitter. The ten effective habits of a power user is given below-

Twitter Power User
Twitter Power User

Benefits Of Being A Power User

Being a power user can be a lot more advantageous than it sounds. Many power users are able to use their influence on twitter for better. Some of the obvious advantages are listed here

  • Power users can make a story popular. Believe me or not. Power users are the real trend makers. Due to their large followings anything tweeted by power users are likely to be more retweeted and favorited. That also means that it has higher chance of getting a trending topic.
  • Power users can monetize their Influence. You may already know that celebrity endorsement is a popular way to promote businesses. Many businesses on twitter approach power users for promoting their products and offer a significant amount of money in exchange of a simple tweet about their product. Checkout this advertising site BuySellAds that offers tweet from popular power users on twitter.
  • Power users can promote their own business for FREE. May be it sounds like boasting when you post a tweet about your own business, however it will still be seen by all your followers. Many may also like it. Generally power users try to limit their promotional activities so followers are not annoyed.
  • Power Users Keep Getting More Followers. Once you are a power user, many people may notice you on twitter and some may follow you too. It natural for people to follow power users since many other twitter users are following them too.
  • Power Users can make a difference. Be it for personal benefit or a social cause, it is really good platform for power users to be able to get their voice heard. Not everyone is going to use their power for good, however some may use it for a good cause. If you would like to make a difference start working towards becoming a power user.

#1 - Schedule Your Social Media Time

As has been said earlier, the power user does not spend the whole day Tweeting. They have their own routine and other engagements of the day and what they do is simply schedule their Tweeting time and including it into their daily routine. They may be Tweeting in the morning, at lunch break or in the evening. It is a wise idea to keep a timer when you are online so that you do not waste hours Tweeting.

#2 - Constantly Try to Gain More Followers

More followers means more attention. You should constantly keep looking for more followers and ways to attract them. Sometimes you may consider to buy followers to get a good start. You may attract more followers just because you already have thousands.

#3 - Use Twitter to Track News

The power users do not need to read newspapers or watch the news channel on television to keep track of the happenings of the world. They simply keep a watch on the Twitter streams to get all the relevant news and information that they can use.

#4 - Share Content across Platform

The power users usually do not remain confined to using only Twitter, but spread their influence across other social sites like Facebook, Instagram, sharing contents and drawing followers across multiple social sites. By sharing content across various social sites, the sphere of influence is enhanced and you get constantly updated about the recent trends in your skill area.

My Favorite platforms to share are :

#5 - Split Time With Social Sites

Power users realize it very well that to get the best results, you have to share your time and your network of followers across various social sites. This is the ongoing trend and Twitter wouldn’t mind if contents and contacts are shared across various social platforms. The power users usually split their time between various social sites spends time with each of them to get the best outcome of Tweeting.

#6 - Know your Audience

Getting the right audience is the key to become a power user on Twitter. Do not share contents with the followers which they will not find interesting, relevant or useful. Also avoid the pitfalls of sharing contents that is too popular and has already been used a number of times. To get the right kind of followers, you have to prove yourself to be of cutting edge.

#7 - Tweet the Same Content More Than Once

It is quite natural for you followers to be unable to follow your post all the time. Some may overlook the first post. This is why it is always a wise idea to repost your contents more than once to get a better chance to be seen and heard.

#8 - Use RSS Reader

Any RSS reader would do, for that matter. Create separate folders for different interesting topics so that you can browse the headlines quickly and post it on Twitter. StumbleUpon often to share interesting stumbles on Twitter. Use buffer on Twitter and store interesting items for your future Tweeting.

#9 - Attend Tweet Up

You should leave your computer at least once a month and meet the local people in a tweet up. Better still, you should organize a tweet up for yourself. These real life contacts are great boosts that enhance your skills to communicate and get more and more followers.

#10 - Tweet Like A Mad Man During An Event

When you are attending a conference or have been a part of an important event that would be of interest to your followers, you should set aside your normal Tweeting schedule and Tweet as often as you can. This will make you a person who is in the midst of important happenings.

#11 - Mingle Without Tweeting

Real life contacts with real people are always the most potent way to build up relationships. So you should keep aside your urge to Tweet every ten minutes and mingle with people. If you cannot resist the urge to Tweet, excuse yourself, go to the rest room and Tweet but make sure the other person is also not on it.

What Do You Think?

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Twitter is a great way to promote your skills, your products or simply to share and build a community of similar interests. Power users realize this very well and they employ certain basic strategies as has been mentioned above to get the most out of Twitter.


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    • Eric Calderwood profile image

      Eric Calderwood 3 years ago from USA

      I like the idea of setting a timer and scheduling my time on Twitter. I can see how this would help me to keep from wasting valuable time. It's a great idea for all online sites.