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How to Block A Phone Number From Calling You

Updated on March 23, 2012

Tips for Blocking Annoying Phone Calls

Annoying telemarketing calls and pre-recorded messages still invade home phone lines, but now they're starting to come through private cell phone lines as well. It usually doesn't happen very often, but if you don't block the calls in the beginning, it gets worse over time.

If your cell phone is your business phone then you understand how incredibly irritating it is to receive these types of calls. The pre-recorded messages are the worst.

Unfortunately, it isn't illegal for a telemarketer to call your cell phone. Since most cell phone numbers aren't publicly available, telemarketing companies get access to your cell phone number on the Internet, where you might have posted it in a classified ad, business advertisement page or somewhere else.

If you are experiencing problems with unwanted calls on your cell phone, there are a few things you can do to block the number. I had this problem myself and I was able to eliminate most of the calls in a month or two. I still receive pre-recorded messages every now and then, but not very often.

National Do Not Call Registry

Entering your cell phone number into the Do Not Call registry will block a number and greatly reduce the amount of annoying calls received in the future. Visit and enter as many number as you want. There are also state do not call lists as well. After entering your phone number into these lists, telemarketers cannot call you anymore, and if they do, you can file a complaint.

You only have to add your cell phone number to the Do Not Call list one time and it will remain there permanently, according to the Do Not Call Improvement Act that was put into law in 2008. After I added my phone number to the list, within a couple of weeks, there was a big decrease in the amount of telemarketing calls on my cell phone. The only downside to the Do Not Call list is that it doesn't prevent text message spam.

Set Up A Block Through Your Phone Carrier

If you are being harassed by people that won't stop calling your cell phone, even after you've told them to stop, then you can block the phone number by arranging this service through your phone carrier. If you are receiving threats, don't hesitate to call the police and notify your phone company to arrange a trap on your phone line.

Most of the major phone companies, such as AT&T and Verizon, provide a paid service for blocking a phone number. Depending on your carrier a block can even be arranged by accessing your phone account online and adding the unwanted phone numbers to a block list.

Check Your Phone Settings and Available Apps

There are phone apps, such as BlackList, that allow you to block incoming phone numbers. Search the Web for available apps for your particular phone. Also, check the settings on your phone because, depending on the phone, there are usually settings that allow you to block numbers from coming through.


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