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How to Block A Phone Number From Calling You

Updated on August 27, 2017

Can You Block Phone Calls?

There is nothing more irritating than receiving calls with annoying pre-recorded messages, or a telemarketer calling with a credit card scam at dinner time, especially when the calls start invading your cell phone.

Fortunately, there are ways to block a phone number from calling you. I was able to eliminate most of the unwanted calls on my cell phone using a few different methods. I still receive telemarketing calls, but nowhere near the amount I received before actively blocking them.

National Do Not Call Registry

Adding your number to the National Do Not Call Registry will help reduce nuisance calls, but the registry alone probably won't eliminate the problem. Visit and enter as many numbers as you want. After entering your phone number into the registry, telemarketers are not supposed to call you anymore. If they do, you can actually file a complaint.

You only have to add your cell phone number to the registry one time and it will remain there permanently, according to the Do Not Call Improvement Act that was put into law in 2008. After I added my phone number to the list, I noticed a big decrease in telemarketing calls within a couple of weeks.

Smartphone Apps

Call blocker apps will stop nuisance calls on your cell phone. I use a couple different call blocker apps on my phone and they work great for me. Without these apps running on my phone daily, I would be getting tons of unwanted calls on my business phone. There are several of these apps available. Some work and some don't. I can only recommend the two that have worked for me.

Call Blocker App

This is the actual name of the app. The app is free and works well on my Android phone. The app allows numbers to be added to a blacklist directly from your call log. When that blocked number calls again, your phone won't ring and you'll only receive notification of the blocked call. There is also an option in the settings to block private numbers too. This app won't prevent the caller from leaving a message though, but I don't get many messages from these callers anyway.

Call Control App

Before I started using Call Blocker, I used Call Control exclusively until I filled up the block list with the maximum amount of numbers allowed. The layout and design of this app is actually better and easier to use than the other one, but I run both apps on my phone. Call Control pretty much offers the same features as Call Blocker and does the same thing. When you receive an unidentified incoming call, the app indicates the caller type (telemarketing, scam, robo call).

Contact Your Phone Carrier

Most of the major phone companies provide a paid service for stopping unwanted calls. Depending on your carrier, this can sometimes be arranged by accessing your phone account online and adding the numbers to a block list. I haven't personally attempted this, but the option is there for those who want to use it.

Does Your Phone Have A Call Blocking Feature?

Most smart phones already have a free call blocker built in. Check the settings on your phone to see if your phone has one. My Samsung phone has a call blocker that allows a certain amount of numbers to be added to the list. I was getting so many annoying calls that I maxed out the list on my phone after about one month and had to start using apps. If you aren't getting a lot of unwanted calls, the blocking feature on your phone could take care of the problem without having to do anything else.


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