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How to Block Telemarkers, Unwanted, No name, and Otherwise Annoying Calls on Android

Updated on March 24, 2013


We've all had the experience of getting a call from an unknown number, only to have the phone hang up quickly after you answers. For a long time this drove me crazy as I tried to find solutions to how to block these annoying calls effectively. There are a lot of calling blocking apps on the market, but in my experience they are not 100 percent effective, and can be obtrusive.

After a lot of research I stumbled on an app called Root call Blocker. This application takes advantage of the openess of android to get deep into the Android system. It is able to use this acceess to block calls ruthlessly and Silenty.


Setting up and installing Root Call Blocker is not the hardest thing to do in the world, but it does take a little bit more then most android apps. The first thing you need to do is root your phone. Depending on what phone you have and how recently you've updated it. This can range in difficulty. There a way to many android devices for me to effectively describe how to do it on every possible one. A great Idea would be to check on google for "How to root 'name of your device' or

The first time you open Root Call Blocker you will notice. 4 Buttons on the botttom

Profiles- Sets up access to your phone based on a black or white list. A black list blocks the numbers on it. While a whitelist would only allow the numbers on it to go through. Like the names applies you can set up multiple of these based on different situations.


Here you can change how the application runs. Strangely, you'll have to enable blocking here if you want anything blocked. By default it is turned off so make sure to check the first option here. Something else to do is to make sure the start services on boot is ticked. Lastly make sure you change the notification settings based on your preferences. Sometimes it's nice to have notifications on to see how well the app is really working, but you are also able to run in silent mode with notifications turned off.

Help- Like the name implies help just has documentation on what some of the features do, and how to certain things about the app. If you ever run into trouble definitely go here.

The last button just switches your view of blocked calls/sms logs between only calls, SMS, and both.

Setting up and Using the App

1. Make sure you change the settings so the app blocks calls, and works in the way that fits your needs. Generally you'll want to check the first two boxes. The notification settings are your preferences. Other settings are fine to leave alone and not touch.

2. Go to Profiles to Setup a new blocking profile. If you don't want to deal with profiles just add numbers to the exceptions list at the top of this page. There will be a profile called default if you don't like this name or just want to delete a profile at any time, you can long press the profile and a box with the option to delete or rename will appear. Also the white circle next to the name of the profile is for the profile that is active. If you have multiple profiles click the gray cirlce will move the white circle to there, and the profile will switch to one corresponding.

3. This is where the application can get sort of funky. The first option is to set it to black list or white list. Like stated before black list blocks indicated numbers while the white list only allows the indicated numbers.

4. The profile manager allows you to set up both list at the same time. So you can have a profile with white listed and black listed numbers. Something to not though is that only one list can be active based on the operating mode you pick from step 3.

5.The application does a good job of explain what each blocking method does. Really any should work fine, but pick the one that you have the best experiences. I have my app set to reject it is very nice, and I have never had trouble with calls going into voice mail on my phone.

Don't answer is a nice way to block someone you don't want to talk to. Like a friend or Ex- Girlfriend without them knowing your outwardly rejecting there calls. For at least a little but they will think you are just busy.

SMS blocking options
SMS blocking options
Call Blocking options
Call Blocking options

6. Once you click on a profile you are able to add in numbers various ways. Most user will be fine adding in numbers from the call log or just your phone book. Based on your needs. Something else you should try is down at the bottom there's an option to add unknown numbers. This will go far in helping you out with blocking calls.

7. After this the profile is ready to use you can turn on call logging if you want the calls that this profile blocks to be logged.


Root Call Blocker is the most powerful and effective way to block calls on Android phones. The settings I've shown you will bring you far in blocking unwanted calls. Root Call blocker does have more advance settings, the best way to figure these out. Or if you just in need of help is to check out the Help documentation from the main menu.

Something to note is while SMS from spammers are less common it still happens. Root Call blocker can be used to block these as well.


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