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How to Blogging?

Updated on January 28, 2011

Blogger Tips : Introduction

I am blogging since last three years. I have got some experience within this period. Today, I am going to share my experience with you about writing a Blogger blog. I am not claiming that these tips, that I am going to mention below are perfect, but I just want to share what I have learnt within these years about writing a Blogger blog. Few months before, I have got an award as a number one Blogger in the Marathi language for the year of 2010. The almost every article that I have wrote in Marathi language is within a top 10 position in the Google Search Engine. Google’s “I am feeling lucky” button brought users to my blog for so many articles that I have written on my blog. My English articles are also on the top position in the Google Search engine for specific important keywords. I am not an expert, but I have something to share about that is useful to you. So, below are some tips that I want to give you as a Blogger.

Blogger : How to Blogging?

How to Blogger?
How to Blogger?

7 Blogging Tips

1. Clarify the concept of a topic in your mind that you want to post as a blog.

2. Title of your blog should be such that, it must clear the concept of the subject of your blog within some few exact words.

3. Search engine is like a 3 year old kid. While writing your blog, you have to consider that, you are describing your subject to 3 year old kid. Repeat some important words related to the subject or topic, not for so many times, but for more than a few times. This makes sure that he would understand your subject.

4. Write your article with around 500 words. Don’t make your blog too big or too short. Make its size comfortable by the point of view of your reader. Reader want to get the quick knowledge form the topic you are describing in your blog.

5. If you are writing technical blog, describe it step by step.

6. Tags are very important. Tags would suggest the exact topic of your blog to the search engine. For Blogger, try to give as many tags as they have allowed us. Tags are the important words from your blog, which describes the exact topic of your of blog. Pick up some important words that you have used repeatedly within your blog, and then use them as a tag. Never use the words which are not in your blog article. Your blog would acquire the faith of search engine with the proper tags used for each of your blog post.

7. Use at least one image for your each blog post. Give some caption to that image. This would increase the visibility of your blog in a search engine.

These are some tips that I have remember at this moment. I hope, you would find these tips helpful for increasing the quality and the traffic of your blog. If you find this hub helpful, please share it with your friends, by using “Share” button given at the end of this hub.

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