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How to Boostup Your New YouTube Channel

Updated on April 24, 2017

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Help YouTube is one step destination for all YouTube Queries and questions like How to create youtube account, How to youtube upload, how to make money on youtube, How to unblock youtube, How to use proxy with youtube.

How Top Creators Made Big On YouTube

  • Creating a YouTube channel: When you set up a YouTube channel , there are many different tasks we get like naming our channel, setting the privacy permissions, and many more there will be. so we should concentrate on our great channel idea and transform the idea in real, so for this I will show you the kickstart steps for your channel which will boostup your new channel, so get ready for your great videos to upload on your channel.
  • To Be found One Among All : The next and formost step is to discover how our videos should be uploaded on YouTube, The great YouTubers becomes great & grow bigger by finding their own way of choosing correct audience & adding proper customizations, We can take For Example adding right thumbnails at right place at right time, and then most important part the meta data of your video by which your fans can find your video easily on youtube without any problems, Its very common nowdays to create a bunch of audience by making a series of videos of your passion which you like most just you need to make regular videos on that and then need to see the audience craze
  • Watching The Audiences Keep On : Once you have uploaded videos on your channel and then when its watched by your audiences and they love it , you just need is to encourage them to again come back to your channel and bring more traffic to your channelthere are simple methods for it like you should be constant in uploading your videos on your channel there should be schedule in your uploadings or just create your playlsts which can help your audience to watch your series.
  • Bring FanCraze: Once you’ve accomplished these three steps, it’s important to talk to your fans like they’re your friends, both on YouTube and through social channels. Conversation with your audience can be fun and an effective way to build a loyal fanbase.

And once we have completed with all the above three steps, it's important to keep intractions betwwen our fans and us , we need to behave with them as our own friends, both on youtube channel and social networks like facebook page to keep the fans engaging with us, we need to build conversations between them and us which can be fun for us and them too , which will become a major factor to build a loyal and trust fanbase

How Top Creators Made Big On YouTube

How Top Creators Made Big On YouTube
How Top Creators Made Big On YouTube | Source

What Inspired You To Start A YouTube Channel?

  • Just ask this question with yourself What Inspired You To Start A YouTube Channel , mostly YouTube always gives a learning experience for all its YouTuber's by being as just as Viewer for sometime & see other YouTuber What, How they do, before starting there own channel!!

What Inspired You To Start A YouTube Channel?

What Inspired You To Start A YouTube Channel?
What Inspired You To Start A YouTube Channel? | Source

Advice To Be Sucessful A YouTuber

  • You should do what most you love to do ex : giving beauty tips as a girl OR as a boy you can stream games on youtube and it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have it can 10, 15, 20, 100 OR 1000 the number wiull grow as day by day your work & activity grows on your channel & your viewers loves your work.
  • You need to be friendly with your youtube viwers/fans they will first your audience & then fans & then family as they will come daily to see your work if they like it, its just like we have to give them a reason to come again & again to our channel & bring more viewers & subscribers by sharing our work on social media.
  • We have to be updated with our daily OR weekly Schedule with our work just we should keep uploading your videos on time so our fans can come & see work as relevent they feel.
  • We should be cheerful with our fans , we need to keep intraction between our fans & Should comment & reply to their comments so they feel good to be in touch with our channel.
  • We should make disscusion videos in which their should be disscusion between fans & us , we should say our fans to ask questions to us , so in this manner we can disscuss with them on their queries & can keep intraction between both fan & creator.

Advice To Be Sucessful A YouTuber

Advice To Be Sucessful A YouTuber
Advice To Be Sucessful A YouTuber | Source

Why you thought to be a YouTuber?

See results

What do you want to be known for

  • So this question is about what you want to be known for ? it means for what purpose you going to make video on youtube , For ex : PewDiePie makes videos on gaming in a comdey way so he is known as a comdey gamer , and in same manner MKBHD makes videos on Tech reviews he gives all tech product reviews so he is known as a Tech Reviewer.

What do you want to be known for

What do you want to be known for
What do you want to be known for | Source

See Above Explanation In Videos

Fact or fiction?

Viral Videos = A Way To Success In Long Term

There are some viral videos make launch their creators to stardom, like we have a example of GrumpCat , so for such type of viral video we can't guarantee the viewers will come back for more videos. Its more difficult that the video creators find the success in YouTube by making a sustainable channel

Sleepy Grumpy Cat!


  1. Mark your work on calender : You should make your own schedule so, you YouTube fans should know when your uploading your new video so they can watch it the new content. Note it if you make make a habit for your fans to watch your videos on a particular time so you will be appriciated more.
  2. Make short trailers of your video : Making short trailers means , when a movie gets out in theater before that movie production makes short 5 mins video which is called trailer , so you also make such trailer of your upcoming videos which will bring craze between your fans to watch your upcoming video, this will bring more viewers and subscribers to your channel surely and you can become a channel expert
  3. Create playlists and sections of your channel : You should create playlist and sections of your channel which will help your fans to find the relevent video which they want from your channel at any time, and so on they can watch your w=video one after one without any problems, and put all the playlists and sections on your channel homepage which will appear to all upcoming new viewers also.

Either , try to find a same and repeating concept and formate which can be a long-term method to make videos on Youtube

Michelle Phan is now a successful YouTuber forever by shwoing a cheap & best method of uploading videos


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    • ChrisCampbell05 profile image


      3 years ago from Tampa, FL

      Youtube is also a powerful resource for SEO ranking. Google loves videos


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