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How to Build a Successful Company Website for Your Business

Updated on January 1, 2016

Build a Company Website Easily With These Tips


Why Do You Need to Build a Company Website?

Building a company website is important to help build your brand, attract customers and open up to the world market. A business that doesn't have a presence on the internet is limiting themselves on what they can accomplish. To be the best that a company can be, a web presence is essential.

Every company can reap the benefits of being online, from the local cleaning company to the third generation Main Street gift shop. Many companies have already taken this step to help secure their business and their futures. If you are still not convinced, take a look at what your direct competition is doing and chances are, that business already has a web presence.

Books like this one can be very helpful if you aren't sure how but need to build a website.

The First Step: How to Choose Your Business Website URL

One of the most important things to decide with a new business website is not the color scheme that will frame all of the information and the photos. The first thing that needs to be decided is what should the url be? The url is the website address. Where are people going to go to find you?

You will need to choose the extension that will work best for your particular business. Most of the time this would be a .com extension. Pick a few words, including the company name, and that should be the beginning of your selection process. As long as the company name isn't extremely long, start there.

Another option would be to use words or phrases that have to do with the niche or industry of your particular company. This is a great tactic that is used by successful online businesses. The keywords in the url are one of the things that Google looks for when considering where the site should be placed in search for certain keywords.

Once the url is purchased, the company website has went live and customers are using the site, it would be ill advised to change the url of the site. That is another reason why getting it right the first time is so critically important.

When you need to build a website, there are a few things you'll have to consider.


Things Every Company Website Needs

Determining the specific needs for a website is something that a business owner has to decide. In the process, they should also take into consideration the basic things that every business website will need to have.

  • Contact Information- This is important for customers and/or clients to get into contact with someone at your company for any reason. This should include any physical address, email address and telephone number. Company websites without adequate contact information can be viewed with suspicion whether or not the company is legitimate.
  • A Blog- A blog that has to do with the niche of the business is an excellent addition to remember when you build a company website. It provides information to customers and keeps new content going up onto the website. Google sees new and informational content as a good thing so blogging on the will help provide another avenue for people to find you on the web.
  • An About Us Page- Tell people about your company. What is your specialty? How long have you been in business? Why did you start the company?

There are other decisions to be made when you find the need to build a website. After deciding on all of the things mentioned above, then you can go into color schemes, what photographs to use, layout, etc.

Don't take a chance on getting billed for copyright infrengment. Take you own photos when you build business website!

Choosing Photos Wisely

The best photos to use when you need to build a website are photos that you have taken yourself. Using your own photos give an accurate depiction of what your company looks like. Digital cameras that are on the market today can take amazing photos with just point and shoot and many come with their own software editing program.

If you aren't able to take your own photos for your site, then you will want to either purchase the rights to any photos that you use, use photos that are in the public domain or are under Creative Commons License. Do not just pick something out of Google search and use it. The copyright holder of that photo can actually send you a bill for use of their photo.

This is very important to remember if you have hired someone to build business website for you. Make sure you know the origin of every photo that is placed on your website. Each photo should be properly attributed no matter who the copyright holder is.

Build a Company Website for $10.00

No, I'm not kidding about that either.

Starting out with a new company website can be a challenge for business owners who have not yet established a steady cash flow or are just starting out. When looking at website building options, one of the things to consider is the Blogger platform.

Blogger is set up for just what it implies, blogging. Since one of the things that is essential to driving traffic and ranking in Google is new, high quality content, it is generally suggested that even websites for companies have a consistent blog about their niche.

The beauty of using Blogger is that the blogging portion of the site is the first page that anyone sees when they go to the site. Over time, each individual product or service can be featured as their own blog entry with a link to purchase that product or service. Where does the link go? To another page on the site where that particular product or service is located.

Blogger is very user friendly, practically drag and drop. Even for someone who has never designed their own website, it can be done and done with visual appeal on the Blogger platform. There are many optional add on features that are very useful for company sites.

Using the Blogger platform is free. There is no hosting charge. The $10.00 comes in for the cost of the url registration. The url that is chosen for the company website can be purchased through Blogger for $10.00 per year. Hence, the entire website will be a yearly $10.00 fee for hosting and the individual's time.

Have you ever had a need to build a website?

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Tying it All Together with Social Media

After you build a company website, you will want to tie it in with all of your social media accounts. Why? It will help you in the long run.

Anytime the website is updated with a new blog post, your customers will know immediately by a post through social media. Adding new products to the website? Post a link on your social media accounts. Not only does this alert the people who have purchased, are thinking about purchasing or might purchase from you, it is creating a great backlink for your new website that will help with ranking in search for certain keywords in your niche.


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