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How to Buy a Camcorder

Updated on September 12, 2010

Before someone pays for an item, he has to first know why he wants the item, what he needs the item for and where it can be purchased. No one throws his money away on something he does not know.

A camcorder is equipment used in creating desktop videos. Camcorders are used in video recording of events. They can be used for a professional work or for family events, vacations or happening that will be loved to be remembered. They record digitally and can easily be saved on a computer system.

When going for camcorders there are features that should be considered before going for a camcorder

·         Which company made the camcorder?

There are different production companies that make camcorder and their camcorder vary in size, product quality, price, use and so many features. It is best a research is done for the best company that has what is been sought out by the buyer. Understanding the difference in the companies' camcorder will help a buyer know which company he needs his product from.

·         What model will suit you?

All producing industries have different models of camcorders that buyers can choose from. These different models can vary in size, quality and design of the camcorder and this might affect the price of the camcorder.

·         What media version does it produce?

This is the most important factor a buyer must consider before purchasing a camcorder. What media player does the camcorder produce in? The media player that is most used is the MiniDv. Its recording is of the highest quality for customers use because there is no compression but things r now changing because of the introduction of DVD camcorders. The DVD camcorder comes with a cd slot that allows the owner put in a dvd cd that is compactable with the camcorder. The size it can record is bigger and the production is far better than the MiniDv.

·         How powerful are the batteries?

Camcorder batteries that are sold with the camcorder don't last long. They record for about an hour before the battery becomes weak. It is advisable to get backup batteries or additional battery that can last longer. Some camcorders have the battery indentation at the back of it. There is no cover for the indention. This is to allow larger batteries fit into it. The more stylish and portable camcorders have their batteries hidden inside the camera or underneath it.

·         How does the manual mode work?

In manual mode, the user can change the way a video is recorded. It allows the user adjust the settings such as shutter speed, aperture, white balance, focus and gain. Using the manual settings help the user adjust the settings to fix how he wants what he is recording to look like. This is recommended for new users to help strengthen their recording skills.

·         How does the auto mode work?

It will also be good if the camcorder has auto mode. It makes the camcorder easy and accessible but harder to operate than others. Some auto modes allow the user change some settings while others auto mode prevent the user from changing any of the settings.

·         What kind of port is available?

Most camcorders have two to three ports available. One is the USB port to allow transfer of digital footage into a computer system. Another is an A/V port to allow transfer into a television or whatever uses an A/V cord. MiniDv camcorders also have a DV port.

·         What other accessories available?

Some of the accessories would have to be purchased e.g. camera bag, discs, white balance card and so many other things that might be necessary.

With all these factors been put into consideration, buying a new camcorder should not be a problem.


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    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Hi, I've been looking around for a camcorder - my first one. So this hub has been great. Lots of really good information that will help me make a decision.

    • Jangaplanet profile image

      A Ercoli 6 years ago

      Great information thanks for sharing it!