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How to Buy and Sell Laptop Computers in Nigeria

Updated on September 3, 2011

How to Buy and sell laptop computers in Nigeria

Laptop computers are among the fastest selling products in the Nigerian IT market. In fact I would say after mobile phones, laptops come next as far as the buying and selling of electronic devices is concerned. The market is very large for laptop PCs and there doesn’t seem to be an indication that this will not continue for long. From Dell to HP laptops, Acer and the new entrant in the Lagos Nigeria laptops market (Apple’s I-pad). Practically all segments of the Nigerian society these days need to have laptops for use. Teachers, Pastors, Lawyers, Engineers, Civil Servants, Students, Marketers even traders are getting on board. Gone were those days when owning a laptop was a status symbol, these days it is a necessity and that means there will always be demand for them.

Besides this, laptops are quickly replaced these days than previously, with so many innovations being made, many erstwhile sound laptops become outdated and need revision, meaning that laptop PC owners would want to change them as soon as possible just as they often do with their mobile phones. The long and short of it all is that laptops will always be bought and sold in Nigeria especially in Lagos, the IT headquarters of Nigeria.

Before going on to the main part of this article which is where to find laptops to buy and how to sell them off for a profit, I will want to mention a few things concerning the competition. You should be well aware that there are many people who want to buy cheap laptops in Lagos and they obviously have their reasons which might include selling them for a profit. Since there are many people selling these product with you, it wise to refine your laptop marketing efforts so as to ensure sales.

Where to buy Laptops from

This is where the start of your search for a viable business could start from. There are many people who buy and sell laptops wholesale in Nigeria but getting to know who is who among the wholesalers is one of the greatest challenges any intending laptop sales/businessman would face. But to make the start easier for you here are a few options:

1. Foreign Connections (friends and family abroad)

If you have friends or relations who live the Europe, China or the United states, their use could be of a great benefit to you here as far as finding cheap laptops abroad, then importing them for resale in Nigeria is an option that is worth considering. Your brother, sister or relation or trusted friend in let’s say the United States can help you make purchases of cheap laptops from mega laptop dealers in the US and have same shipped to you in Nigeria for reselling. The details of the partnership can be worked out between you.

2. Cebroker

For quite some time, this company was selling refurbished laptops imported from Europe and reselling them here in Nigeria. Although the company is not as far reaching as some of our local wholesale dealers, some nice deals can be worked out with this company. Their website is

3. USA notebooks

There is hardly any Google search query on laptop deals in Nigeria that doesn’t return this company’s website. The company based in the US ships laptops to Nigeria for sale and many Nigerians have claimed to do business with them, however the onions is with the intending businessman to do for research so as to clear off any doubts and settle the issue of whether to do business with them or not.

4. Dell Authorized Distributors and Auctions

Dell Corporation has a list of authorized dealers in Nigeria and this can be gotten directly from its website. Dell has an auction website from where it sells factory refurbished laptops. Google dell auctions for more details.

5. Wholesale Stores in Computer Village

Some stores in computer village are wholesale dealers, I will not mention their names but doing a thorough investigation of your own will uncover quite a number of them.

6. Internet Research

Further research can be pursued online with listing websites such as, and Even has some information which it can offer people looking for laptop deals. The local newspapers could also offer information as well, enquiring from advertisers of laptop sales in the national dailies could also offer useful insights that could lead to finding suppliers.

How to sell off your Laptops

This is where the business model is put to test. How to sell off those laptops, here are a few tips;

1. Selling One on One

This involves approaching people directly at home, in their offices at their shops or in other places where the people likely to need them can be found. I listed them above.

2. Selling to Students

Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of Education are good places to sell laptops in. what’s more word travels fast with students.

3. Getting a Stand in Computer Village

Computer village is the largest IT market in Nigeria. Thousands of people from all over Nigeria troop down to the market to buy and sell laptops. It is a good place to sell off laptops. Of course you don’t have to be the owner of the shop, if you could partner with a dealer to sell them for you.

4. Selling in far inner places

By far inner places I mean the outskirts of town or in towns and cities far from Lagos, places like Benin, Lokoja, Ibadan, Calabar etc. People in these places cannot travel down to Lagos to buy their own laptops hence the opportunity to sell to them.

5. Selling online

Just like I mentioned earlier, using Nairaland and other websites listed above to make classified adverts. You could also set up a website to market your laptops online for you.

The choice and method adopted for this business is totally up to the investor. My take on it is that there is a market and that market is growing fast.


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    • profile image

      Jim Nwosu. 

      3 years ago


      Our firm – Jim Consults Limited acts as an Agent to Government owed companies and it is on this regards that were contacted by Nigeria Ministry of Communications to source for an oversea company with and competence to supply the agency with various type of laptops systems.

      Therefore, send us your models and prices.

      Thank you.

      Jim Nwosu.

      Tel: +2348168016501



    • profile image


      3 years ago

      It's a plrsuaee to find someone who can think so clearly


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