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How to Check the PageRank of a Page in Google Chrome

Updated on March 25, 2013
How to check a websites PageRank
How to check a websites PageRank | Source

What is Google PageRank?

Google PageRank is one of the methods employed by Google to measure how well a website is doing in comparison with other sites. Basically, PageRank is part of a mathematical algorithm used by Google to calculate how well your webpage is doing in comparison to other webpages. PageRank works by assigning a numerical value to every site, rating them according to their page’s rank.

PageRank is one way that people measure the performance of their webpages. That being said, many people erroneously think that Google PageRank is the most important value assigned for a website, when in fact there are many factors involved in a website’s success. Google has stated that many people placed too much importance on PageRank in the past and in 2009, Google removed the PageRank distribution feature from webmaster tools. The company explained that many webmasters were mistakenly basing the site’s value upon a page’s Google PageRank; when other more important factors should be taken into consideration when appraising your web site.

Do You Rely on Google PageRank to Tell You How Well Your Webpage is Doing?

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How Google PageRank Works

When you link to another website, you are “voting” for that website. The more links that a site has on other sites, the more votes it has, and the more favorable the PageRank. Sites with a high PageRank that link to your site give your website a more favorable “vote” than sites that link to your website that have a low PageRank. Google uses popular, trustworthy sites that attribute links as a way of determining that the sites they linked to are also favorable. Of course links are not the only factor influencing PageRank, but it is one of the main factors that influence the rank. It should be noted that artificially created links do not work well with the Google PageRank algorithm and are often penalized. The best way to increase PageRank is to get backlinks from popular sites that have a high PageRank.

How to Install PageRank with Google Chrome Webrowser

Web users can check their PageRank using Google Chrome.

1) First you need to install Google Chrome onto your computer.

2) Once you have installed Google Chrome, go to the Google Chrome webstore:

The Google Chrome webstore
The Google Chrome webstore | Source

3) On the bottom left of the Google Chrome webstore page, select the category “extensions”.

How to get Google Chrome extensions
How to get Google Chrome extensions | Source

4) In the search box marked “Search Extensions”, search for “PageRank”.

How to get search in the Google Chrome store
How to get search in the Google Chrome store | Source

This will bring up several different types of PageRank tools that you can download. You will see a variety of PageRank extensions, and a short description of each product. Each extension is rated by other users: you will find the rating of each extension by users on the right side of the product listing. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

5) Once you have chosen the extension that you want, click on the box that says “add to chrome”.

How to setup pagerank
How to setup pagerank | Source

6) Click add and follow the steps to installing it.

How to Check Your PageRank

Once it has been installed you can check your Google PageRank. Open a new window in Google Chrome and enter your site’s address. Your PageRank will show up on the top right of your page. A value between 0 and 10 is assigned to each page, 10 being the best and 0 being the lowest.

Click on the PageRank icon to choose special features and enable the features that you want.

how to locate your pagerank
how to locate your pagerank | Source

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    • profile image

      Danish Thebo 5 years ago from Pakistan

      Well very good indeed. But there are other more extensive free tools are also available for instace SEMrush (SEOQUAKE) is one of the major one that instantly informs about each small thing about the website's reputation.

    • healthylife2 profile image

      Healthy Life 5 years ago from Connecticut, USA

      Thanks for this comprehensive explanation on how to determine page rank. I've been here nine months and had no clue how to check. Now I am a little curious although I wouldn't know how to change it if it doesn't rank high.