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How to Combine Article Writing with Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

Updated on April 20, 2016

To profit from affiliate programs, you do not require a website.

In order to combine article writing with affiliate programs, all you need is an auto responder series, and then advertise your affiliate programs directly from ezines (article submission sites).

Second, choose at least three different affiliate programs you want to promote. It's better to choose three different programs rather than stick to one and not see any sales.

But, the criteria for selecting your three programs will be slightly different than just going out and selecting the affiliate programs with the highest paid-out commission, although this also plays a huge role.

No matter which product you want to promote, you will choose all these three different products from the same niche. For instance, let us say your first affiliate program is about an “e-book on Mini Sites.” As stated above, you will promote two more programs from the same niche, let us say, your second affiliate program is “Members ONLY area based on the Mini Site,” and your third affiliate program may be a service where they create a “network of Mini Sites” for your customers.

The 1st Affiliate Program

Among all 3 affiliate programs, remember that the 1st program MUST have higher commission payout than the other two. Do NOT promote anything that pays you less than 40% commission for your first affiliate program.

And there is a valid reason for this…

We use affiliate programs to make money on the side, and there are lot of programs that pays bigger payouts, sometimes even 100% of the sales you make.

So, if you cannot even make at least $20 a sale, then it is likely you will not make profits from affiliate programs very fast.

The main aim of creating a series of articles for auto-responder is to build up your “opt-in mailing list. Sometimes, you may “break even” (you make no profits yet you are not broke)

Should this happen for you, do NOT get discouraged!

In fact, “breaking even” is a good sign and will yield amazing result for you later on. If you have taken time and effort to build your opt-in list, you will be profiting more down the line…

With that said, go ahead, choose your first affiliate program that sells for $50 or more, and at least pays out 40% of the total profits so that you will at least make $20 for each sale.

The 2nd Affiliate Program

The second affiliate program you will join must be something that will help you make a “residual income.” This is the program that will pay you every month whenever someone signs up for their service or products. For instance, if you were promoting a web hosting company, and they charged $20 a month, you will get at least $10 per month for as long as someone stays with them.

These are of course, great affiliate programs you can promote. All that is required is a little bit of hard work at first, and then you are set up for months, and even years to come.

After you have built-up a large list of email address from people visiting your site, I highly recommend that you start promoting these types of affiliate programs to see huge profits for you.

Of course, you will still be promoting your free course series to people who sign up for it, however that is just a way to make back end sales from your subscribers list. Do not think that once you have advertised for these people, you are done. It does take several times to make them respond to a message.

Your job is to keep them reminding of what you have to offer!

You can find a huge list of affiliate programs for “Residual Income” … at

Now let us talk about your next and third affiliate program.

The 3rd Affiliate Program

Just like with two previous affiliate programs, you will also promote this program to your subscribers list. But unlike other two, this program MUST offer you a large sum of CASH. This type of program often has lower conversion rate, but you’ll make at least $90 to $160 commission per sale.

Go visit to find an affiliate program.

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Over to you: Tell us how do you combine writing and affiliate programs to make money online?


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