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How to Configure Windows Startup Bar for PC Quick Opening Speed

Updated on October 11, 2015

Windows startup bar is the part of your windows operating system. It's automatically shown after you had finished computer windows installation. It’s located bellow in your PC monitor. Sometimes computer opening process can be slow. Because when you install any software on your PC, some software’s automatically add to the windows startup bar of auto opening. Examples, Avro, Bijoy, windows audio driver etc software automatically add to startup bar. That’s result when software adds atomically in your PC windows startup bar; your computer will slow.

So, if you want to more speed of your PC, you will need to configure your PC startup bar option. But this way is not only one way. You can increase PC opening speed in various ways. I think windows startup is a way for increasing PC opening speed. But sometimes the computer will not open quickly. It can take a few minutes for the complete opening process. Here, if you don’t know knowledge about startup bar configuration, probably you could setup windows for increasing PC opening speed.

On the other hand, if you know about configuration process, maybe you will not need to setup windows operating system again. Here I will tip you about how to configure the windows startup bar for quick opening speed.

Configure PC Windows Starter Bar

Configure your PC windows Startup bar:

The Startup bar configuration process is very simple. Firstly open your computer. After opening computer Click startup icon nearby, your monitor left the corner. Type ‘Run’ text in the windows search box. (You can use the keyboard for opening a run dialog box. Press Windows key+R)

After typing run text in the search box, you will see a new ‘run’ windows dialog box. Type MSConfig in this box. Click the OK button or press ‘enter’ button from the keyboard.

When you will press ok or keyboard ‘Enter’ button, you will see a new ‘system configuration’ dialog box.

Click ‘Startup’ option; here you will see which software automatically adds your startup bar. You can simply check and uncheck software from this box. Now uncheck unnecessary software from this dialog box. But it will depend on your own choice.

Finally, after unchecking the unnecessary software from this dialog box, click ok button.

After finishing the all above process, please restart your PC.

Note: Windows startup configuration is not only a way to first your PC speed, but also you can use different methods.


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