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How to Connect Sony Bravia HDTV to Internet

Updated on May 13, 2014

Today, no electronic device is enough without the ability to connect to the Internet. Game consoles and portable devices can all connect to the Internet so there's no reason why you can't do it with your HDTV. Although there are simple ways to connect your computer to your TV in order to watch movies on bigger screen, but it is much more convenient if you can directly access the Internet from the HDTV.

Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link
Sony BRAVIA Internet Video Link | Source

Sony BRAVIA HDTV cannot connect to the Internet out of the box. You need to purchase BRAVIA Internet Video Link Module that seamlessly streams Internet video directly to your BRAVIA HDTV. No additional charges and no computer required. Amazon sells this device for $122 while the list price is $199.99.

The BRAVIA Internet Video Link connects to your HDTV using a USB cable and HDMI cable. Both should be connected. It also has its own power source that needs to be plugged to an outlet. The device connects to the Internet via the Ethernet port using an Ethernet cable. You can directly connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your router. Once the physical connection is done, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the initial setup by using the TV's remote control. The BRAVIA Internet Video Link device may try to update the software the first time you connect.

Amazon provides a great collection of movies that you can watch on your Sony BRAVIA HDTV using the BRAVIA Internet Video Link device. offers cheaper VOD service with broad selection. Just keep in mind that streaming videos to your HDTV require a high speed internet connection.

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