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Convert PDF to Doc For Free

Updated on December 13, 2010

 How to Convert PDF to Doc For Free? Here I provide you with good tips to make that free, legal and fast. Let's make our life simple!

How to Convert PDF to DOC for Free?
How to Convert PDF to DOC for Free?

Free Online PDF 2 Doc Service Resources

Take advantage of Gmail
Take advantage of Gmail

Convert PDF to JPG Using Gmail

Apply for Your Free Gmail Here if You Don't Own One Yet.

It would be much easier if you already have a Gmail Account to convert PDF file to JPG File easy and fast.

First, send yourself an email to your Gmail with a PDF file as an attachment.

Click on View
Click on View

 Then you can choose the specific page and save as a JPEG file.

Use Gmail as A PDF Reader

If you don't have any PDF reader on your computer, you can choose either to download the Adobe PDF Reader here (50 Mb plus, too big for this simple function), or use Gmail as a free and easy PDF reader.

Repeat the process show above, you can enjoy the high quality PDF file reading service by Google.

Of course, all above is only for personal use. If for business use, you'd better using Adobe's Pro Version of Adobe Reader, spending money for better service.

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      Convert A PDF to Word 6 years ago

      Well Get this ultimate app to convert your PDF files into word format you can convert your small PDF files less then 5 pages free of cost for larger files you may buy the licensed version -