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How to Convert Videos

Updated on May 12, 2014
VCR with Old Videos
VCR with Old Videos

Converting VHS Videos

As technology progresses, we always look to upgrade and update in order to eliminate devices that have become obsolete. The VHS cassette and audio tape falls in this category. The VCR used to be the best and only way to watch your family videos that were recorded from the video camera. Now that technology has progressed, the VCR and video cassettes are becoming rare and almost no longer in use. This means that watching our old videos is harder to do because they are no longer in a favorable format.

Below we have a look at how to have our videos converted in a new format without spending too much money in the process.

Reasons to Convert your Videos

There are several worthy reasons as to why you should convert your old videos, we have a look at a few below.

  • Eliminating the need or use of a VCR.
  • Avoiding the risk of losing your old videos.
  • Backing them up before the quality deteriorates.
  • Selecting a format which suits you best.

These are all very good reasons for you to convert your old video cassettes because if something unfortunate happens, then you may lose those family videos and memmories forever.

The Video Converter Device

The video converter device is very handy and easy to use. As long as you have a compatible computer and can read some basic instructions, you can easily convert you old video cassettes. As you can see in the live eBay listings on the right, they are readily available to order and are very cheap to buy. There are many different types of devices to choose from giving you the freedom to choose the one that suits you best.

Video Conversion Formats

The video conversion device allows you to convert your video cassettes to many different and useful formats. Some of these formats include DVD, AVI, MPEG and many more. This ensure that you will be able to watch your videos on your home DVD player, TV using a USB memory drive or home computer.

Paying to Have Your Videos Converted

There are several companies that offer to convert your videos. These companies like to charge an expensive fee because they like to take advantage of the opportunity. If you have a few videos to convert, then paying for them won't cost you too much, but if you have more than two or three, then this is where the price becomes a problem.

The fact that you can buy the device for under $10 including postage means that you can spend a little bit of time and save money in the process.

Converting Your Videos

Converting your old family videos is definitely something that everyone should consider doing because it's cheap and very easy to do. It's the best way to ensure that nothing happens to your memories and a conversion makes it easier to watch them again any time you like.


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