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How to Convert WMA Music Files Into MP3 Music Files

Updated on October 31, 2012

MP3 Audio

MP3 Audio
MP3 Audio | Source

Converting WMA Files Into MP3s

Although there are many programs out there than can convert given music file formats into other file formats. I´m going to show you how to convert WMA files into MP3s easily with an audio converter program.

Audio converter programs can turn audio files into other audio files which can be reproduced in PCs and mac computers. I´m going to guide you through some simple steps so that you can convert a WMA file into an MP3 music file easily.

How to Convert a WMA File Into an MP3 Music File?

To be able to convert you WMA files into MP3 files, you need to have an audio converter program in your computer. Any free program on the web will take less than one minute to download. Once you have downloaded a program and installed it in your computer, you can start working on the conversion.

The steps to convert a WMA file into an MP3 file is a very simple process that will take you no more than one minute once you have the program in your computer.

Using a Program to Convert WMA Files Into MP3

Audio Converter
Audio Converter | Source

How to Import a WMA file Into Freemake Audio Converter

To do this, you´ll have to first open the program. The main window of Freemake audio converter will appear on your desktop. You will see the audio tab on the left top hand side of the program. To import your WMA file into Freemake, click on the audio tab.

This will open another window. Select the WMA file and click open to import it into the Freemake audio converter´s main window. The file will appear on the Freemake audio converter´s main window right below the audio tab.

Now that the WMA file is into the Freemake audio converter screen, it is ready to be converted into an MP3 file. The next step is to choose the MP3 file format.

How to Choose the MP3 File Format

MP3 File Format
MP3 File Format | Source

How to choose the MP3 File

At the bottom of the main Freemake window, you will see several tabs displaying different file formats. The one on the left that appears with a set of earphones is the tab for the MP3 format. Click on the MP3 icon and a new window will appear.

After you have clicked on the MP3 tab, the parameter window will open. The MP3 parameters window will let you choose between several parameters for your MP3 file. Choose the one that is more appropriate to you. You may also choose where to save the Mp3 file after it has been converted.

How to Choose the Convertion Parameters For Your File

Conversion Parameters
Conversion Parameters | Source

Converting a WMA file into an MP3 File

Once you have chosen the audio parameters where your new file will be saved, your WMA file is ready to be converted into an MP3 file. Click the tab convert on the MP3 output parameter window.

After you have clicked the convert tab, you will see the convertion to MP3 window, showing you the total progress of the convertion at the bottom of the window.

Once the WMA file has been converted into an MP3 file, a new window saying ¨convertion completed¨will appear. Click ok and close the next window and that´s it.

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