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How to convert mkv to avi

Updated on September 26, 2012

There are many reasons that you may want to convert a mkv to avi format. Whatever your reasons may be, I'm going to show you how. There are quite a few freeware tools online that will do this trick for you, but beware that some of them contain malware and spyware that can harm your computer and are pretty clunky, buggy, and not so easy to use.

I have put together a step by step walk-through guide below that shows you how to convert mkv to avi and the tool that I recommend using that is 100% malware and spyware free and that does the trick easily and nicely.

Convert mkv to avi - STEP 1 - Download Best Video Converter

Download Best Video Converter. It is the tool I use and it is the one I was referring to. It will easily convert your mkv to avi with little difficulty. It's 100% freeware (you can donate to its developers if you would like, but don't have to) and it is 100 % spyware and malware free.

You can download it here:

Convert mkv to avi - STEP 2 - Install and Open Program

Install Best Video Converter, and open it up. You will get a window that looks like this:

Convert mkv to avi - STEP 3 - Open the mkv file that you wish to convert to avi

In the top left, on the top Best Video Converter's window click on the "OPEN" icon.

Now find and open the mkv file that you wish to convert to avi. Best Video Converter will now load the mkv file into it program as status "Queued."

Convert mkv to avi - STEP 4 - Select the avi format to convert the mkv to

On the top, click on the "Convert" button.

This window will pop up:

Select the format you would like to convert to in the "Output Format" drop down menu as shown in the above image. Here you will see that Best Video Converter is able to convert to many different formats. Since this walk-through is about how to convert mkv to avi--and I'm assuming this it what you will want it to convert to since you are reading this--we are going to select avi.

In the drop down menu, select: AVI (DivX Video, MP3 audio)

You will see another drop down menu below labeled "Destination folder." You can change the destination folder if you like or just leave it. Obviously, this is where the new avi file is going to be saved, so remember where the folder is that it is saving to.

Now press the "start conversion" button to start the conversion process.

Convert avi to mkv - STEP 5 - Wait until the mkv is finished converting to a avi

Time will vary depending on the mkv file size and the specs on your computer so just be patient until it is finished.

Convert avi to mkv - STEP 6 - Close when finished and reboot

When Best Video Converter is finished, close it. Now reboot your computer.

Now go to the folder you saved your newly converted avi file to. If you followed this guide, then you should have a newly created avi file from the mkv you converted. Enjoy!


If you would like to know how to create Vob files so you can burn them to a DVD-R or DVD-RW disc and play them in your DVD player, then you will need to convert your mkv or avi files to vob files. This is because standard DVD players won't play the DVD because they require the Video_TS folder with the .ifo file and .vob files. Without these files the DVD won't read correctly in your DVD player.

I recommend using DVDFlick to convert your mkv or avi files to vob files. DVDFlick is 100% free, comes with a very easy to follow guide, therefore isn't difficult to use. It does a good job at converting your files to .vob files and is 100% spyware and malware free. You can get it here:

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