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How to Create Android App without Any Coding Skills

Updated on February 20, 2015


Android is now the most popular mobile operating system. As such, it is the intention of software and IT enthusiasts to create an android application and take advantage of the number one mobile platform. The android OS is friendly and different functionality can be added to the platform with the apps. It is possible to create android apps without any coding skills.

Android apps have become a way to build popularity, make some money, and promote online businesses. The ability to create android apps without any coding skills will allow marketers; bloggers and other groups of people reap great benefits from android.

To create android apps, there are a number of online tools and sites which are easy to utilize and do not require any coding skills from an individual. Most of these online tools will just require creation of an account and proceeding to input simple tasks by clicking of buttons. The end product will be an app which is ready for Google play. These are the tools to utilize and end up having an app that increases online popularity and revenue as well.


App Inventor

This is a tool from Google and which simplifies the creation of android apps. With App Inventor, an app can be created from scratch block by block by defining every single component.



AppsGeyser is perhaps the most popular and the easiest tool to utilize in creation of an android app. It is best for people such as web developers an bloggers who have a mobile ready website and intend to promote it. It is an absolutely free tool.



Another of the app creation tools which is provided free but is more complex and provides a big range of options. It is best suited for people with some knowledge in app development since the source code is downloadable for tweaks and improvements. More screens can be added to an android app with each having its unique characteristics and functions.



AppYet is another app creation tool which will avail an app ready for Google Play in minutes. A distinguishing feature of this app is that updates can be made to an app where necessary.

Create Android App with No Coding Skills

Create Android Apps

AppsGeyser is perhaps the friendliest and will be best suited for the people without any coding knowledge or skills. It will obvious not be used to create the most complex android apps but will be appropriate for the simple apps. All that is required is the basic information and layout of the app in terms of images, RSS feeds and text. Follow these steps on how to create android apps.

  • Proceed to fill out all the columns provided such as website URL, app name, description, icon, screen orientation and category.

  • After filling all these fields, click on Create App on the preview side on the right hand side.

  • Sing in by filling out the required details and by complying with the terms and conditions complete creating an android app.

  • The android app created is now ready for testing. Click on ‘Test Your App’ which will download the apk file as ‘appname.apk file’. Install it in your android smartphone for testing.

This is as easy as it gets in going about how to create android apps without any coding skills. You will have an android app available on Google play by simply completing the above listed steps.


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  • jtrader profile image

    jtrader 3 years ago

    I have a few idea for apps. When I have the time I may see how well these tools work. Thanks.

    Voted up and useful!