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How to Create Apps for Android Devices

Updated on July 13, 2012
Apps on an Android Phone
Apps on an Android Phone | Source

Apps typically refer to a software application developed for use on mobile devices. These specially designed applications extend the functionality of the device and are available for download by all Android users through Google’s Online App Store, Google Play and other Android App focused sites such as the Amazon Appstore. All of the apps downloaded from Android focused sites are able to run on Android smart phones, tablets, Google TV and other Android enabled devices.

Android also gives developers a world class platform for developing apps and games for Android users, as well as a marketplace for distributing to Android users worldwide. Google encourages users and software developers to program and develop their own Android apps.

How Much Can You Make from an App?

A good Android App priced at $2 could easily generate 10, 000 downloads or more – that’s $20, 000 in revenue. The revenue generated from these premium apps are shared between Google (30% of total revenue) and the App Software Developer (70% of the total revenue).

What is the Market for Apps?

With around 850, 000 new Android devices being activated daily, the market for apps is booming and the number of individuals looking to create their own apps for Android Devices.

How Do You Make Apps?

For potential developers that understand coding, Android Apps and games are based on Java and therefore can be developed using the Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) alongside the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) plus the ADT plug-in needed to create Android Software. Android has a developer training section ( which explains the process of developing Android Apps thoroughly and gives you the software needed to create your own apps. For App developers looking to take their software development to a serious level, it is advised that you understand coding in Java.

How Can I Create an App if I Don't Know Code?

Many individuals are put off the idea of developing their own apps due to the coding aspect of software development, however, it is not an absolute necessity to understand code in order to get into the software industry.

Today there are many software tools available that completely bypass the coding stage of software development and leave you with a simple set of commands and customizable settings that allow you to build your Android App completely from scratch.

There are many App creation tools available to help you build Android Apps or games from already existing content. These include tools such as those that create Android Apps by converting your existing website into an .apk file (which can then be downloaded and uploaded to Android focused sites such as Google Play) and those that simplify the creation process by letting you mix and match a variety of features and components to build your own Android App.

Google Play viewed on the computer through
Google Play viewed on the computer through | Source

How to Sell Android Apps

Once you have created your app and have the .apk file, you are then able to get your app hosted online. Google Play (previously Android Market) charges a $25 for anyone who wants to sign up as a developer. There are restrictions and requirements for the apps that you will need to check before uploading. Other App Focused Sites also allow you to sign up as an App Developer and sell your Apps to Android Users.


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