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How to Make Photo Collages in Picasa

Updated on June 13, 2011
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Use Picasa 3 as a Photo Collage Maker

Picasa is free photo organizing and editing software by Google. You can download it at:

In another Hub, I covered how to organize your photos using Picasa. This Hub will cover how to use Picasa to create both a "Picture Pile" photo collage and a "Mosaic" Photo Collage.

Photo collages are a great way to enjoy your photos... with Picasa you can create collages for:

  • Your Holiday Card
  • Framed Gifts
  • Posters
  • Birthday Cards
  • Thank You Notes
  • The possibilities are endless!

Once created, your collage can be uploaded to any number of online photo processors (click the SHOP button at the bottom of the Picasa screen for full details) and made into a variety of photo gifts or cards.

Sample Photo Collages

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Picture Pile Photo CollageMosaic Photo Collage
Picture Pile Photo Collage
Picture Pile Photo Collage | Source
Mosaic Photo Collage
Mosaic Photo Collage | Source

How to Make a Photo Collage

Creating a photo collage in Picasa is easy to do.

  • Start by selecting your photographs.
  • To choose several photos from the same folder or album, you can select them by clicking with the mouse and then holding down the <ctrl> key while selecting additional photos.
  • Once you have selected the photos you want to use, click Create from the top menu bar and then choose photo collage.

Options for Photo Collages

Once you are in the photo collage screen, you have many options on how to create your collage.

Styles available are:

  • Picture Pile
  • Mosaic
  • Grid
  • Frame Mosaic
  • Multiple Exposure

My two favorite styles are Picture Pile and Mosaic and the following videos will show the detailed "How to" steps to create these styles of photo collage.

How to Make Picture Pile Photo Collages

How to Make Mosaic Photo Collages


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