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How to Make a Faces Movie in Picasa 3 - Made Easy

Updated on July 7, 2013
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Joanne Marcinek is a woman with a mission. Her passion is to help people get the relevant information they need on the Internet.

Today we'll cover a feature in Picasa called creating a Faces Movie that I think is just about the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Start with selecting the photos that you want to have in the movie. The way to select multiple photos is by holding down the ctrl key between clicking on the different photos. You can also select an entire Album or Folder.

Once selected, all the pictures you need are in the photo tray. You can click the button on the bottom left of the screen that say "Add Selected Item to an Album" to help keep your photos organized.

Create a Movie Slideshow of Pictures of One Person

I want to create a movie with the Face of just one person over different times and situations.

The next step in making your faces selection movie, at least in a case like this when you want to focus on a single face you want to remove the pictures that have as center point, the face of someone else. You can see in the bottom of the screen, which photos and in what sequence faces will appear.

Edit your Movie Timeline

You can quickly tell which photos need to be removed from the timeline to make it a "one person show." To move photos around, you can click and drag them on the timeline to a different position.

Add audio to your Faces Selection Movie

The next step will be to add some audio.

We're going to talk in another Hub about how to get royalty-free audio. If you take a song track that you have on CD are whatever, it's fine if you're the only one to view the view (I think)

However, I definitely know you can't upload anything to YouTube or Facebook without making sure that it is royalty-free music or you have permission from the copyright holder to use that music on a video.

How to obtain Royalty-Free Music will be covered in another Hub.

Another really cool usage, of this Face Selection Movie would be to take photographs from many different generations and show how some of the family facial traits are facial expressions or whatever, are repeated over time. I may do a project like that in another Hub, it would be like creating a living family tree.

So, this Hub covered How to create a Face Selection Movie in Picasa 3.

I hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please share, vote or bookmark this Hub.

Please check out my other of videos and how to articles and Hubpages.

Thanks so much for "listening" and have a great day!


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