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How to Create a Google Plus Page?

Updated on April 12, 2012

What is Google Plus Page?

Google is the number one website and search engine in the world. Google have many other popular websites in it's network, like YouTube, Adsense, Gmail, Maps, Reader etc. Last year Google launched it's most ambitious project Google Plus. This is the new social networking site of Google.

Google Plus is one great alternative to Facebook. Facebook and Google Plus are two big competitors in the area of social networks. In the beginning, everyone thought Google Plus is just one another copy of Facebook, but now Facebook also adopting all new good things in Google Plus.

You can find many similarities between these two social networks. There is also similarity between the working structure of Google Plus Page and Facebook Page. If you use Facebook and you know about Facebook pages, then Google Plus Page is the similar concept.

Google Plus Page can be the medium to reach thousands of online people. You can create Google Plus Page of your local business, brand, company, etc. You can also create a Google Plus Page for movies, music bands, sports, shows, etc. Google Plus Page is a great way to reach online audience, consumers and customers. You can reach them with new ideas, take their opinions, promote your work and make their user experience much better.

Steps to Create a Google Plus Page

It is very easy to create a Google Plus page. Follow the simple steps in this hub. Google Plus recently changed it's layout to look more modern and beautiful. The option to create a page is under "Pages" section of Google Plus. This section comes under "More". You can find "More" option at the bottom of left sidebar. This is the direct link to create a Google Plus page

Create a Google Plus Page
Create a Google Plus Page

Select the purpose of page creation. If you are creating a page for your music band then select, "Arts, Entertainment or Sports". If you are creating a page for your Product, select "Product or Brand". Then next, you have to fill the information regarding your Google Plus Page. Give the name to your page. Write the address of your website (This is optional). Select the Category of your page. Specify the age group to which your Google Plus Page is suitable for. Then accept the Pages Terms and finally Press "Create" button.

Fill the Information to Create a Google Plus Page
Fill the Information to Create a Google Plus Page

Now you have your own Google Plus Page. Fill the information regarding your page, like you filled your Google Plus Profile. The Google Plus Page is similar to Google Plus Profile. You are always free to access your page form "Pages" section. Once you enter into the Page, you are using Google Plus as that Page, like you use Facebook as a Facebook Page. Go ahead and start creating a Google Plus Page. It's simple!

Google Plus Pages


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    • mymagicview profile image

      Rohan Jagtap 5 years ago from Maharashtra

      Thanks for the comments friends :-) I just corrected my mistake.

    • wvmagicdesign profile image

      wvmagicdesign 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Well i found spelling mistake in your comment too @freezbay

      instead of Adsense has been you have eat the letter "b"

      Just kidding...take care :)

    • profile image

      freezbay 5 years ago

      Hey, great post by the way. A spelling mistake that I found. Adsense has een written Adsenes. Pls, correct it. All together great one!

    • wvmagicdesign profile image

      wvmagicdesign 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

      Nice Hub and very easy to learn info on creating Google Plus Page, but the most important thing matter is your followers, than only you can reach your targeted audience. So share important and useful posts, follow people from your related industry and increase your visitors area.