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How to Create a Passbook Business Card

Updated on February 9, 2015
Passbook app screenshot
Passbook app screenshot | Source

Passbook App Business Card

The Passbook App for iPhone is a repository for digital tickets, loyalty cards and even payment cards. Since the Passbook App acts as a mobile wallet, it makes sense to store an electronic copy of your business card or important contacts cards in it for easy access

You can create a customized business card Passbook pass to store in your Passbook App without being an apple Developer by using a Passbook creator website like Passdock.

Below is a step by step guide how to:

  • Create a customized business card with access to your own website or social media profile with an embedded QR code
  • Upload it into Passbook for easy access
  • Share the business card Passbook pass with others

business card in Passbook app
business card in Passbook app | Source

Traditional Business Card Vs. Electronic Business Card

The problem with traditional business cards is that you cannot guarantee that the person you are giving your card to will follow up with you or take the next step. Your business card can easily be lost or misplaced. Providing an electronic copy your business card reduces this error rate. A electronic business care with a QR code will instantaneously bring anyone to your contact information and channel people directly to what you want them to see.

You can link directly to any URL using a QR code in your electronic business card such as your website address, your LinkedIn profile for job networking, any social media profiles for social networking, your portfolio, or a specific webpage of a any site. If you only include a website address or social media profile address on a business card, you are not channeling people to exactly what you want them to see. Using a QR code is more effective because it decreases the number of page views a person needs to move through to get to the page you want them to see and also decreases the error rate in entering in the correct URL. Key contacts can access the URL on your business card by using a QR code reader app.

Below is a step by step guide how to create a business card "pass" for your Passdock App.

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Passdock Login Screenshot Passdock generic pass creator screenshot
Passdock Login Screenshot
Passdock Login Screenshot | Source
Passdock generic pass creator screenshot
Passdock generic pass creator screenshot | Source

Instructions How to Create a Passbook Business Card

  1. Create an account and login to Passdock
  2. In the right hand corner under "New Template From Scratch" click on the generic template (the blue icon)
  3. The layout of the generic template will then appear on the generic template preview screen. Click on "Create Generic Pass" in the lower right hand corner
  4. Customize your business card template by populating the information in the different sections- Name: Name your template (i.e. Business Card Template) Title Section: The name of your company Appearance: Change background, Foreground, and labels color 2D Code: Move Cursor to NONE (not QR Code) Click on the "green arrow" in the right hand corner
  5. In The Auxiliary Secion on the bottom, delete the label "points" and Value "1055". NOTE: The auxiliary section does not support QR codes but these text will still appear in error if not deleted when changed to QR code formatting Click on the " left green arrow" in the bottom right hand corner to move to the previous page
  6. Customize the 2D Code section Format: Change the format from "none" to "QR" Message: Type in your exact destination URL (Example: Alternative Text: Retype in your exact URL again or label with text Example: (LinkedIn Profile) Click on the "Icon button" to upload a icon for your template which can be any picture that meets size criteria (required) Click on the "Logo" or "Thumbnail" buttons to upload your image or company logo Click on the " right green arrow" in the lower left hand corner
  7. Customize your template with your personal information HEADER SECTION: Label- "website", Value- your website's URL PRIMARY SECTION: Label- your job title, Value- your name SECONDARY SECTION 1: Label- "Contact Information", Value-your phone number, email address Click on the RIGHT GREEN ARROQ in the right hand corner
  8. Customize the back section of your Passbook Business Card with additional information (address, profile, social media URL links) Click on the green CREAT TEMPLATE button in the lower right hand corner
  9. Template Overview Page a view of the Pass template will appear in the upper right hand corner. The QR code on the pass template will not work until the pass is uploaded into the Passbook app. This is a different QR code than the large QR code on the left hand side under the QR code Header
  10. Upload your business card QR code pass to Passbook. Open your Passbook App Click on the "+" in the right hand corner (the "+" will appear when you use your finger to swipe down on the scree)
  11. -Click on the SCAN CODE button in the bottom center ON your computer screen, point at the "Large QR Code" on the Template Overview Page on -the left hand side under header QR CODE. The business card pass will be automatically scanned into the Passbook app.
  12. Re-open your Passbook app to view the new pass
Passdock pass metrics
Passdock pass metrics | Source

Share your Business Card QR Code Passbook Pass

  1. Open the Passbook app
  2. Click on the business card pass
  3. Click on the share icon (square with arrow) in the lower right hand corner
  4. Send the business card as a text message
  5. e-mail the business card
  6. AirDrop the business card with nearby MacUsers

To share with Android users who have the PassAndroid, cut and paste the QR Code used to scan the pass directly into the Passbook located on the template's information page into a new version of the pass.

Electronic Business Card Creator

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© 2015 Mary Ellen Block

I would love to hear from you! Did you find instructions to create an electronic copy of a business card helpful and easy to follow?

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