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How to Create an Animated Avatar with a Slideshow with

Updated on January 11, 2010

Simple Steps to Make a Slideshow Avatar is one of many services online where a user can make an animated avatar. These gif files created at Gickr look like a slideshow. People who post on social networking sites like Facebook or online forums can post these avatars for others to enjoy. The user can even create a slideshow and send it to friends and family through email. Those without technical skills can easily make an avatar in a few simple steps.

Go to and follow the steps below to make a slideshow avatar:

1. Upload the pictures for the avatar by clicking on the "Browse" buttons. This feature pops up a window with all the directories and files on your website. Click on the directories until you find the images for the avatar and click "Open" to save them into Gickr. You can save up to 10 images in Gickr for the animated avatar.

Note: Users can also find pictures at Flick or run a search at for royalty-free images. These images have some rights still attached, so read the terms of use when using one of these images in a slideshow.

2. Make a selection for the "Size:" and "Speed:" settings. Many websites that allow the uploading of an avatar have a size limit of around 100 pixels, so choose the 100px size to avoid upload problems later. Additionally, choosing the 3-second rotation speed is a good idea to allow viewers of the avatar to enjoy each image. Images that rotate too fast actually annoy some viewers. Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom to make the animated gif.

3. Click the "Download" link to save the new avatar on your computer. Save the URL, embed code, and BBCode for the avatar. Forum members use the BBCode to post the slideshow on forums. The "embed code" is usually used for social networking sites. Some sites may also just ask for the URL of the avatar. Enter the relevant data when other sites ask for it to upload the slideshow on those sites.

Notes: Those who wish to use personal pictures taken from a digital camera need to upload those pictures to a computer before making the animated avatar. Digital cameras usually have a CD and USB cable for uploading purposes. Put the CD into the computer and follow the instructions to install the image software. After that, connect the camera to the computer using the USB cable and turn on the computer. Follow the specific instructions of the camera manufacturer if this is not the setup of the device used to take the pictures.

Many other sites provide an avatar maker. Some sites make avatars of cartoon characters or place special effects in the avatars. Go to a search engine like Google and enter the search phrase "how to make a free animated avatar." Visit the sites to find other free avatar services.


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