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Customize Your Ringtone for Skype on iPhone and iPad

Updated on May 6, 2014
Skype for iPad
Skype for iPad | Source

Customize Incoming Ring Tone for Skype

Today, the availability and prevalence of VoIP apps on iOS devices enable users to make the most of their wireless data/broadband connections by enabling users to make domestic, long distance and international telephone calls, oftentimes for free.

So, it's really no wonder that the Skype app has taken up permanent residence on many of our iPhones and iPads.

These days' iPhone customers have plenty of choices and options to provide their treasured iPhone a personal touch, but, if you've been using Skype for your video or audio calls for a considerable amount of time, you've probably figured out that the default Skype tone alone is available for any of your incoming Skype calls.

Although the default Skype ringtone can be quite soothing, with it's pops and clicks and all, there may be times when you might want to customize the default ringtone to use a different tone.

This step-by-step tutorial will explain how to easily create your iPhone ringtone from any audio file using all free program applications on PC.

What You'll Need

  • Audacity Free Audio Editor and Recorder (FFmpeg plug-in for Audacity)
  • iFunBox Free iOS device explorer for Windows and Mac (or your preferred file explorer for iOS devices)
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Audio File

Audacity: Import Audio File into Audacity

1. With Audacity opened, click File >> Import >> Audio to import the audio file you've chosen to use for your Skype ring tone.

Audacity: Import Audio into audio editor
Audacity: Import Audio into audio editor

Audacity: Select Audio Portion for Ring Tone

2. Using the “[" and "]” keys to make your selection, move to the beginning of your selection and press the “[" key to mark the start point of your selection.

3. Play the file by pressing the “Space Bar” key.

4. Press "Space Bar" to stop and restart playback to ensure you're in the right place within your selection.

5. Again, using the “[" and "]” keys to make your selection, move to the end of your selection and press the "]” key to mark the end point of your selection.

Audacity: Select the portion of audio you want to use for your custom ring tone
Audacity: Select the portion of audio you want to use for your custom ring tone

Audacity: Trim Audio Selection

6. Press the “Space Bar” to play to your selection, if you are satisfied with your selection, either use the keystroke “Alt+E” to open the “Edit” menu and move down to select the “Trim” function and press the “Enter”, or you can use the shortcut “Ctrl+T”.

Once executed, all of the audio at either side of your selection will have been trimmed away, leaving your selected sound sample.

7. Now press the “Space Bar” to test that the operation has worked. If successful, the sample will now begin play at the start of your selection and finish play at the end you selected, without the rest of the audio.

Audacity: Trim selected audio selection
Audacity: Trim selected audio selection

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Audacity: Mix Stereo to Mono

8. Irrespective of which cell or smartphone you're wanting to use these tones with you'll want to strictly use mono ringtone files, which mixes in data from both channels without distortion. If the track you are editing is stereo the next step is to mix it to mono.

To mix from stereo to mono click in the Track Control Panel to select the audio, click Tracks >> Stereo Track to Mono.

Audacity: Mix multi-channel stereo down to a single mono channel
Audacity: Mix multi-channel stereo down to a single mono channel

Audacity: Export Audio Selection

9. To keep changes, select Export Selection, and save as type: M4A (AAC) Files (FFmpeg). Name the file "call_ringin" (without qoutes). Bear in mind which folder you are storing your file in, since you will want to navigate to it later on.

** To import or export AAC audio, first download and install the FFmpeg plug-in for Audacity.

Audacity & FFmpeg plug-in: Export audio selection to AAC (M4A) format, and name "call_ringin"
Audacity & FFmpeg plug-in: Export audio selection to AAC (M4A) format, and name "call_ringin"

iFunBox: Save Custom Ring Tone to Skype App

10. To add your own ring tone in your Skype app for iPhone or iPad follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Navigate to var/mobile/Applications in your iPhone or iPad using iFunBox.

Step 2: Look for the Skype application folder named and open it.

Step 3: Drag and drop your custom ringtone that you earlier named "call_ringin" into the folder replacing the existing default Skype ringtone.

iFunBox Save to PC selection
iFunBox Save to PC selection | Source

All Finished!

That's it! Respring your iOS device, and enjoy your new custom tone!

Custom Skype Ringtone For iPhone/iPod Touch

© 2014 Frankey J. Mangra


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    • profile image


      8 months ago

      I have bought a new iPhone but don't know all the features.Now, I want to set the ringtone for specific contact .i visited many websites including ipad Customer Service Number and I got a lot of information from this site but I got Exactly solution for this post.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Does this still work under IOS 8 and do you need to jailbreak your phone first?


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