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How to Delete Your Search History - on Firefox

Updated on October 26, 2012

Maybe your friend searched for inappropriate pictures on the internet and you don't want your mom to see. Maybe you searched for inappropriate things. Or, maybe it's as innocent as not wanting your spouse to see that perfect Christmas gift you have been looking up. Whatever the case, I'm not here to judge - I'm simply going to tell you how to delete your "search history", which is when your computer suggests or fills in for you when you are typing in a search bar.

** Note: This goes for all search engines (Google, Yahoo!, etc) as well as other search bars (Flickr, Pinterest, etc) and basically anything that your computer might fill in for you. So, if you're trying to buy a new shirt online and it usually fills in/suggests your email address for you, it will delete that suggestion too. After deleting, though, it will start "remembering" things for you again from that point on, so fear not!

Step 1

Open Firefox and go to the "Firefox" tab. When it drops down, click on "Preferences."

Step 2

Go to the "Privacy" tab, which should look like this.

Step 3

In the "Privacy" tab, it says "You may want to clear your recent history, or remove individual cookies."

Click on "clear your recent history."

Step 4

A new window pops up that looks like this ---------->

Set the "Time range to clear" to "Everything" (unless the suspicious search happened recently, and then you can adjust the time as needed).

Click on the drop-down arrow for "Details" and un-check everything except "Form & Search History," which is what you need to have checked.

Click "Clear Now" and you're good to go!


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