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How to Download Music onto a Kindle

Updated on January 6, 2013

The Kindle device is a really smart ones that also has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment. The audio output for the Kindle Fire HD specifically is superb, making listening to music such a wonderful experience.

When it comes to adding music to a Kindle Fire HD, mp3 files come to mind, as they are the basic music file format acceptable by most smart phones and tablets like the Kindle.

So how do you download music onto your Kindle device? Well, the first thing would be sourcing for the files and then the next would be copying it into the right folder.

Personally, when I got my Kindle Fire HD, I browsed to the music section by tapping the Music link from the main menu and found out that it was empty. Now, Kindle Fire lists the available songs in catgories such as playlists, Artists, Albums and all Songs. If you don't have any song yet on your device the list would be empty. So the next thing I thought about was how to go about adding some music files to my Kindle device.

Music formats acceptable to Kindle Fire HD: MP3, MIDI, PCM/WAVE, OGG and WAV

How to add music to Kindle Fire HD

To add music files to your device, you would need to copy it to the Music folder in your internal storage. You can do this by either downloading the song online or by copying it from your computer or mobile phone using a USB connector or Bluetooth. You should note that bluetooth file transfers are much slower than the micro usb connector.

How to download from computer

  1. Connect a the big end of a micro USB to USB cable on your computer and the small end on your Kindle
  2. Open the folder that pops up in the autoplay menu
  3. Go to your mp3 location in computer and copy the required files
  4. Open the internal storage folder and go to music
  5. Paste the files in the folder

How to download from your phone

You can also download your own mp3 files from your phone to Kindle if your phone has a bluetooth connection

  1. Switch on your phone's bluetooth connection
  2. Also switch on Kindle bluetooth connection by going to wireless and allowing it to be discovered
  3. Pair both devices using a Key
  4. Select the mp3 files on your phone
  5. Send the mp3 files to Kindle using bluetooth

Now you will have the music files on your Kindle as well.

You may have noticed that most of the music files we already copied from our phone or computer are either ripped from CD plates, peer exchange or downloaded from the internet. How about being able to download mp3 files directly to your Kindle Fire HD using a wireless internet connection? Well we could do this by going to the Amazon mp3 store or getting a free app for downloading mp3 files straight to Kindle

Downloading from the web

You can download a lot of mp3 files too from the Amazon Kindle mp3 store. You may also do this by getting a free mp3 downloader app from and then be able to download mp3 files directly to your kindle. It may take some time if your internet connection is not fast enough.

How to play your music files

Now that you have copied the correct mp3 files to your Kindle's music folder, you can always play them as normal music files by going to Music from your main menu. The audio files would play as background sound until you close them. So you can have a music playing in the background when you are reading, browsing the web or doing something else on the Kindle.


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