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How to Earn Cash Fast By Using Smart Phone Applications

Updated on January 10, 2013
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Did you know there are Smartphone Applications that pay you with Cash and Gift Cards?

There are many smartphone applications available for free that will reward you with cash and Amazon gift cards for performing various simple tasks. Once you've accumulate enough points, you are free to redeem those points for cash, Amazon gift cards and/or prizes! I know how much an iPhone cost and how much the phone and data plan cost per month. Why not offset the cost, by having these free apps help you pay your smartphone bill and reward yourself with gifts at the same time! I will show you how to earn cash fast using different smartphone apps that are free to download!

iBotta | Source

Scan Your Grocery Receipt and Earn Cash for Buying your Favorite Products!


By Ibotta, Inc.

Ever wonder what to do with those grocery receipts? Reward yourself with cash by taking a picture of your grocery receipts and clicking on the items you've purchased. You earn cash by watching the product's videos, learning a fact, and taking a quick survey about the product! Once you've reached the threshold of $5.00, you are able to withdraw the earnings through your verified Paypal account. Invite your friends to get $1.00 each and start making money together!

Click here to go to the invitation page and sign up with either your Facebook account or e-mail. Enjoy and start digging up those old Walmart receipts!

Panel App
Panel App | Source

Get rewarded with Gift Cards and Entries to Sweepstakes Automatically without Doing Anything!

Panel App

By David Shim

This is probably the easiest App to gain gift cards out of all the apps mentioned in the lens. This app uses the GPS and rewards you daily with points for just going to places you've normally go throughout the week. You can invite your friends to accumulate more points and later redeem those points for various gift cards. Joining different Panels with have different rewards or sweepstakes that you will be entered in. This is mostly a set it and forget it app and eventually you will have enough points to go shopping on, Home Depot and many other places. Once in a while it'll notify you of a survey to fill out to earn more points.

Click here to join and start earning points for doing almost nothing!

Keep Track of All Your Gift Cards and Get Rewarded With More Gift Cards!

JunoWallet Gift Cards

By Mobile Media Solutions, Inc</b>

With all the gift cards rewards earned through the many iPhone/Android apps on this page, you will need a place to store all your gift card codes and keep track of all the balances of each of your Amazon, iTunes, Best Buy and Target gift cards. With JunoWallet, you will able to easily add a gift card and retrieve it when making a purchase. In addition to storing gift card codes, you will also be able to earn JunoCredits. You can get many JunoCredits for inviting friends, doing task, watching videos, receiving a call and liking a page on facebook. Once you received enough JunoCredits, you can redeem it for many gift cards, such as, Starbucks, Xbox LIVE points, iTunes, Macy's, eBay, Express, GameStop and more!

You can install this app on your Apple or Android phone here. Once installed, go to the Settings and in the "Enter Inviter's Invite Code" put in my code "GM961257" to receive 0.25 JunoCredits to get you started!


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