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How to Edit Digital Photos Using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Updated on February 22, 2015
Origninal Photo
Origninal Photo | Source
Edited Photo with Sepia Tone
Edited Photo with Sepia Tone | Source

Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is part of Microsoft's Window Essentials software. It allows you to organize photos, edit them, and share them. Photos can be edited for exposure, color correction, resizing, cropping, and red-eye reduction. Highlights, shadows, and sharpness can also be adjusted. Using these features will seem easy once you have actually had the chance to give it a try.

Tips for Editing Digital Photos

Click on Windows Live Photo Gallery to download digital photos onto your laptop. Connect your digital camera to the laptop with a USB cord, and turn the camera on. Select the camera icon in the top left corner of your laptop screen, and click Import. Name the folder and select Import again. Once your pictures have downloaded, you will be ready to edit them. Open the folder and double click on the photo you want to edit and follow the tips below.

Tip 1: To turn the photo, select rotate left or rotate right as many times as you need to.

Tip 2: To allow the program to make automatic adjustments for you, select auto adjust. This may straighten the picture, lighten it or darken it.

Tip 3: To crop the photo, you can either select the crop symbol or the drop-down arrow, then Proportion, giving you specific choices. The crop symbol will allow you to drag a box over the area to be cropped, and then you will press enter. The drop-down choices have specific sizes such as 5x7 to choose from.

Tip 4: To reduce red eye, select Red eye in the middle of the menu. Your cursor will look like a plus sign. Place it over the eye to be fixed and click.

Tip 5: To remove an object such as letters from a photo, select Retouch, then click on the item to be removed.

Tip 6: Select Straighten to align the picture better.

Tip 7: Select Color or Exposure to add/reduce color and light.

Tip 8: For black and white, sepia tone, or cyan tone, select Effects and choose the one you would like to apply to your photo.

Saving Your Photo

When you are ready to save, the program will do this automatically when you click Next.

If you want to save an original of your photo, select Make a copy before editing your photo. To rename your photo, go to the right sidebar to Filename and click on the number assigned to your picture. A textbox will appear where you can type a new file name.

You can always click the back arrow key at the top of the screen, if you want to undo a change you have made to a photo. If you have already saved the photo and want to change it back to its original form, select Revert to original in top right corner.

Versions of Windows Photo Gallery

  • Windows Photo Gallery 1.0: This is the very first version of Windows Photo Gallery.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (Wave 2)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 2009 (Wave 3)
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011 (Wave 4)
  • Windows Photo Gallery 2012 (Wave 5): The newest version allows users to create a collage with as many as 50 photos. It also allows users to upload videos to Vimeo.


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      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Useful article on Window Live Photo Gallery. Voted up.