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How to Enable or Disable Autorun for Removable Media or USB Flash Disk in Windows 7?

Updated on July 11, 2011

Most of the recent viruses, Trojans and malwares are spreading through autorun on your computer when an infected USB flash drive or CD is inserted. Yet autorun feature is necessary as it gives you quick access when any removable drive is inserted. So, it has both the good and bad side. Throughout this page, you will lean the way to enable or disable autorun feature in Windows 7. Remember, autorun feature is disabled by default in Windows 7.

What is autorun feature?

Autorun feature is a type of utility which enables Windows to pop-up the default options when a removable drives or USB flash drives or CD or DVD ROM is inserted on your computer.

Snapshot of autorun
Snapshot of autorun

Why autorun feature is mostly favorite to all?

As it provides a quick access to default choices when  a removable drives or USB flash drives or CD or DVD ROM is inserted on your computer, it is favorite to all.

Why autorun feature is disabled in Windows 7?

As most of the recent viruses, trojans and malwares like Conficker Worm are spreading through autorun, Windows 7 has disabled this feature by default.

Steps to enable autorun feature on Windows 7

Follow the following steps to enable autorun feature on Windows 7:

Step 1. Click on Start menu on Windows 7 and click on Control Panel

Step 2: The Control Panel window will be opened. From the "Control Panel" windows, click on Hardware and Sound option.

Note: Sometimes you will not see Hardware and Sound option. To see click on the View By drop-down menu and select Category option.

Step 3: The "Hardware and Sound" window will be opened. From that window click on Auto Play.

Step 4: From the AutoPlay window, you will find an option Use AutoPlay for all media and devices. Just click on it and the autorun feature will be enabled.

At last, click on Save button to save your settings.

Steps to disable autorun feature on Windows 7

To disable autorun feature on Windows 7 just follow the following steps:

Disableing the autorun feature is just the reverse of enabling autorun feature. For disabling autorun featuer, follow steps 1 to steps 3. After that, uncheck the check box of Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.  At last

By following the above steps, you can easily enable or disable autorun feature of your Windows 7 computer.

@Written by rancidTaste


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    • profile image

      ZzzZ 4 years ago

      You can resotre the autorun for USB drives on Windows 7:

    • smga22 profile image

      smga22 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Excellent Hub. :)

    • profile image

      Orlando 6 years ago

      This is wrong, it is not AutoRun it is AutoPLAY, absolutely not the same feature. AutoRun does (unfortunately) NOT work on Windows 7 for USB sticks.

    • profile image

      Abhishek 7 years ago

      this dose not fix my problem ??????

    • profile image

      Martijn 7 years ago

      It works, and it doesn't. While it does enable autoplay for USB devices, it *doesn't* allow the user to let an autoplay-application start, like