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How to Find Free Image from Google Image Search Directory

Updated on October 9, 2015

Many image sharing site are available on the internet. Most of the websites are paid, some of free. If you search image from any search engine or image share site, you can get many sites from your desired search engine. Flickr, Google, Photobucket, TinyPic are the most popular image sharing site in the world. But Google is the most popular and largest image search directory.

We would use image different types of purposes like the Graphic design, blog content, and more useful purpose. Sometimes we don't consider for using an image in our work. Whose type of image are we using?

If you are a blogger, you need to image for your blog post. Here is the matter, which type of image you will use in your blog post. Millions of photographer uploads images in Google image directory. Most of photographer are not permit to free download or copy their image. Because, they only upload images for commercial purposes.

So, if you use commercial license or copy image on your blog post, your site or blog post will be banned from Google search engine. On the other hand, Its important fact for AdSense users, because if they copy commercial license image and use it on their blog post, AdSense account will ban permanently.

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Besides that, if you want to expert blogger and want to Protect AdSense account disable. I think, you should know about which type of image can you use for your blog post.

Don't worry; you can use free license image on your blog post. Because free license image is totally free for using. Moreover, you can modify and share it for commercial purposes. If you search image from Google, you will get a huge image. Here you will see commercial or free licenses image.

Here I will discuss how to find free Image from Google image directory. Please keep your main in bellow step:

Find free license image from Google. Step:1-5
Find free license image from Google. Step:1-5

Find free image from Google Search Directory:

Step:1- Go to

Step:2- Write something like ‘make money’ on the Google search box.

Step:3- Click ‘image’ button under the search box.

Step:4- Click Setting icon on the right side the browser.

Step:5- Click ‘Advance Search’

Find Free license image from Google Search. Step:6-7
Find Free license image from Google Search. Step:6-7

Step:6- Find ‘usage rights’ option

Step:7- Click ‘not filtered by licenses’

Find Free license image. Step:8
Find Free license image. Step:8

Step:8- Click ‘free to use, share or modify, even commercially’

Free license image from Google: Step:9
Free license image from Google: Step:9

Step:9- Finally click ‘Advance Search’ button.

Now you can get free licenses image for free uses. You can use it for blogging or more purpose. Google permit for free using this image on various purposes.


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