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How to Find the IP Address of a Remote Computer

Updated on April 18, 2011

Every computer connected to the internet is assigned a unique 32 bit IP address. It looks like this: xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx. This basically serves as the identity of a computer.

A computer also has a hostname. Knowing this host name allows you to find computer IP.

This article covers all the steps involved in finding the IP of a remote computer. Remember, you must be connected to internet to check the remote computer's IP.

Just follow these simple steps :

1. For XP users, Go to Start-->Run in windows and type "cmd" in the run dialog box and then press "Enter". For Windows XP or 7 users, go to Start and write cmd in the search box.

2. A new window with a black background appear, this is known as the DOS Prompt.

3. Here type 'ping <remote computer name>' without the quotes and press enter. The remote computer name maybe an IP or the website domain name.

For example, to check the IP of Google's Server, type ‘ping’

4. Now, you will see some information generated on the window. You can find the IP address from the first line, it will be written inside [] after the host name.

Like in the example above, you will see the first line as : pinging [20985.231.104]

Here 20985.231.104 is the IP address of their server.

5. You can now close the DOS prompt.

You can easily find the IP address of any remote computer using the steps mentioned above.


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    • profile image

      Dumb 2 years ago

      You are completely stupid and have no sense of networking, every moron knows that you use potatoe.exe and type in fancy numbers to find the ip address

    • profile image

      nirav 5 years ago

      it`s method of finding i.p of website.i mean server`s i.p. which is statics.if you want to find i.p of remote computer , i mean some person or your friend, you can find it.there are several can visit following link.