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How to Fix CD or DVD Autorun in a Computer

Updated on September 23, 2012

There are times when the autorun function on a CD or DVD doesn't work. What are the ways to troubleshoot and fix? How to fix the CD or DVD autorun in a computer. The instructions are moderately easy. It may take someone with basic computer skills to perform this fix. The solutions are for computers running any version of Windows. The computer desktop or laptop should have an internal or external CD/DVD drive.

We will assume that the CD or DVD is in working condition. One of the easiest things to check is to inspect the disk to see if it looks perfectly clean. It may take a lot of scratches and fingerprint grease to really make the disk useless. Even it there is one tiny scratch that one scratch could happen to damage the software file on the disk. This software could be the critical piece to make the entire CD or DVD work. If damaged there is nothing you can do except get a replacement. However, in most cases, lightly scratched disks can still run.

If you inserted a CD for software installation and the autorun doesn't work, go to My Computer and look at your CD/DVD drive letter. Doubleclick on the drive letter to force the autorun to start.

If double clicking on the drive letter does not work, do a mouse right click on the CD drive letter. You will see a menu with the label Autoplay and other options below. If autoplay doesn't work, select Explore within the same menu.

After selecting Explore, you will see the contents in the CD or DVD of files and sometimes folders with more files. Look for files that appear to install the software. Filenames include: Install, Setup, Run, Launch, or Bat. Sometimes the install or setup file will be in a folder or even a subfolder. Doubleclick on the setup file to begin the software install.

If double clicking on the setup file doesn't work, look at the CD or DVD. If the disk is dirty, clean it. If the dirt is greasy, use soap and water but make sure to dry it well with cloth before putting the disk in the drive.

If the CD or DVD is scratched, you may have to try disk scratch removers or repair kits that can be purchased in many popular stores such as Walmart, Target, or Best Buy. If the repair kit doesn't work, you may have to get a replacement for the disk.

If the disk is not dirty or scratched and works on another computer, the CD/DVD drive may be inoperable. Insert several disks before deciding that the drive does not work. Use software program CDs and other disks that you know worked before. If any of these disks are not readable, try rebooting the computer. After a reboot, check to see if autorun or setup works.

If rebooting the computer does not work, replace the optical drive.


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    • Anonymous00 profile image

      Anonymous00 5 years ago

      No problem :)

    • Romian1 profile image

      Romian1 5 years ago

      Did not thought of that. Thanks.

    • Anonymous00 profile image

      Anonymous00 5 years ago

      Another thing you could try. Load the device manager. Update driver software. Then disable the drive and reboot. The drive automatically gets reconfigured upon restarting. And if all is well 'Autoplay' should function again. :)