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How to Fix Fable 3 Glitches

Updated on January 2, 2011

Great "looking" game

Months have passed since Fable 3 release.  I have stopped playing the game after one week because of the glitches.  I have made it my personal issue to help others so I started th game again and try to get into the glitches and then try to get out.  I have helped lots of people I think 324 people now.  Whats nice is a lot of the glitches are the same.  Whats bad is some can't be fixed.  Fable 3 Glitches happen to about every player and I'm not talking the minor ones.  It's always the game stopper major problems.  Here is a list Fable 3 Glitches and Fixes I found work.  I'm not saying it works for everyone but i'm trying to help.

The Game Glitch

This is one that happens to most people that play Fable 3 "The Quest"  You are warped into a almost like dungeons and dragons board game.  You get to the part were you face the wolves you kill them and all of a sudden nothing happens and you can't advance in the quest.  Heres how to fix it.

  • If no golden trail shows up within seconds shut down the xbox before it auto saves.
  • Have a friend join the game and beat the mission for you.  This helps about 85% of players
  • Run back into town and talk to everyone and some times it unlocks the freeze.
  • Shoot each wolf it sometimes kills them again and the gold trail will appear again.

Masquerade Fable 3 Glitch

Masquerade after killing the balverines, nothing happened, no doors opened no-one is left, tried leaving to anothers game shooting everything page is still in the room i cant kill myself or her, nothing to kill, just stuck in the room with wheel of misfortune, can travel back to other room but nothing there either.  This glitch happens to a lot of people and is one of the things lionhead was supposed to fix in their patch but that hasn't come out yet.  So what I found works for this glitch is:

  • Have a friend join your game and try to beat the game.
  • If you can kill your character do it.
  • Try joining someone elses game.

Aurora Fable 3 Glitch

I'm stuck in aurora, the part near a letter that says: something about the dreams. I can go to the sanctuary, but when I come back I'm stuck at that stone again. I can't move or even interact with my dog. I can't even fast travel to other place until I complete the current quest which is return to Kalin.  This one is a tough one because if a person joining your game doesn't work then most people have to start over this one is one that is a rarer glitch to happen in fable 3 but when it does it has really no resolution.

Fable 3 Disc Error

Todd says when the game decides to "auto save", the xbox pops up message that states "disc is unreadable." I have cleaned the xbox, tried other games. It seems to only be fable 3. Even fable 2 runs well! The disc is brand new and has no dirt, oil, scratches, etc.  This one is tough and usually you can go get an exchange and continue from the previous game save with not a lot of loss data.  This happened to me and I got a new disc and it worked fine.

Xbox Patch

If you need to start over make sure to download the patch from xbox.  This does help with some of the glitches that I had problems with but mostly the minor ones like people not talking, or person disappears, or chicken is kicked straight up in the air when kicked and disappears.

Fable 3 Game Lags and runs slow

After accepting a job, blacksmith, guitar, pie making.  Your game will run slow so that it's hard to get the buttons right.  The best way to fight this is to only do the jobs a little and invest in houses and work your way up.  Or even join a friends game and earn money like that.  Hopefully the patch will fix this problem.

Lionhead Studios

I think lionhead tried to put this game out to fast to compete or get the upper hand on Black ops.  They did do great sales but horrible reviews now have the game for $39.99 in most stores which is a horrible thing.  I bought mine for $54.pp and couldn't get $15 in trade in 3 weeks after I got it.

Come on Lionhead put a patch out and make your customers happy.  Also for all these aggravation we should get something for free.


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    • profile image

      Angie 4 years ago

      I am in the room where I have to change clothes at the beginning and i cannot travel because it says i need to complete quest to change clothes but i already have. Any ideas?

    • profile image

      Lena 5 years ago

      Help im stuck in the part right after the gate gets blown away in the revolt, the first soldier i fought there are some sand bags next to the first house on the right, well I accidentally vaulted over them and went over a gate that has no exit and there isn't anything inside the yard to vault back over the gate.

      Please tell me I can fix this w/out starting a new hero again!! the 2nd time the first was cuz of corrupted game save. Im soooo angry about starting over cuz this game is time consumeing!! I prey u can tell me there is a way to fix this.

    • profile image

      jacob 6 years ago


      person is gliched to where he floats instead of walks any help