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How to Fix Your iPhone's Water Damage in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on May 6, 2011

What happened?

There are many ways an iPhone can become damaged by water. Rain, sweat from an iPhone exercise arm band, or humidity from a steamy bathroom are some examples of water damage which can catch the iPhone user off guard. Not to worry iPhone users, there is still hope for saving your iPhone at a low cost! Here is how you can fix your iPhone's water damage in five easy steps:


Here is what you do...

First of all, do not try to turn on an iPhone after it was damaged by water. Water is an excellent conductor of electricity. It will immediately short out from the water inside once you turn on the power to any electronic device. I know, we were all taught this in kindergarten, however, it can be easy to forget this issue after an accident happens to your beloved iPhone!

Second step, do not try to dry the water from your device by using a hair dryer, microwave, or stove. The water will spread around inside, causing more corrosion along its path if you use a hair dryer.The logic board can also be damaged from excessive heat caused by any of these methods.

Third step, remove your SIM card and carefully shake out any extra water inside your iPhone. When I say shake, I actually mean gently wiggle. This should only be "gently wiggled" if it has been fully submerged under water and you can hear water splashing around inside.

Fourth step, put the iPhone in a bag of dry rice (silica gel packets also work) for 2-5 days. The rice will soak up water left behind inside of your iPhone without further damaging the electronics. A bowl will also work in case you don't have a bag.

Finally, plug the iPhone into a charger after the 5 day waiting period. If the charging symbol powers on the screen, then there's a good chance the phone will likely boot itself back on when a full charge has been reached. Congratulations, you did it!

Unplug it from the wall without attempting to turn it on if you don't see anything on the screen within 5 minutes from when you first plugged it in. Return it to the bag of rice for another 48 hours or more and repeat the plug in process again. If you don't see anything on the screen to indicate the battery charge process, then you have likely caused permanent damage.

Unfortunately, since water damage isn't covered under Apple's warranty, then the only chance of saving your phone from this point is by trying a third party repair company. Some things to be aware of while looking: make sure they are Apple certified, their repairs include a warranty, and they only use OEM parts. Good luck!

What actions do you take after you damaged your iPhone?

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    • profile image

      Xenoroid 4 years ago

      My iPhone 4S got short

      It's getting extremely hot :(

    • profile image

      Suzzy 5 years ago

      I dropped my iPhone 4s in the ocean 3 days ago. I put it in rice for 3 days and today I plugged it into the charger and after about 5 minutes it started to vibrate and get hot. Nothing happen to the screen. It stayed black. What should I do? Is this a bad sign?