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How to Fix a Toshiba Laptop Keyboard

Updated on June 18, 2013
Renew your Toshiba Laptop with a new keyboard
Renew your Toshiba Laptop with a new keyboard

Isn't it always a drag to discover that you laptop keyboard is beginning to fail. If you own a Toshiba laptop, there is a decent chance that the keyboard isn't lasting quite a long as the rest of the system. Whether the problem with your keyboard resulted from a drop, spilled coke, or simply from use, you don't have to invest in a new laptop to get your system working properly again. What you really need is to replace the old keyboard through a keyboard swap. Don't despair, Toshiba laptop keyboards are not difficult to replace, and they are fairly easy to source online. Follow these simple instructions and you will be on your way a system that performs the way it did the day you bought it.

Remove the Bezel

First, you will need to remove the bezel located just above the keyboard. The bezel is the thin strip of plastic just above the keyboard and below the monitor. To remove the bezel, gently pry the edge up using a small standard screwdriver. Using gentle pressure, work the screwdriver across the bezel prying as you go. The bezel snaps in, so removing it is fairly simple as long as you don't pry to hard.

Remove the Keyboard Screws

With the bezel now gone, remove the small screws that secure the top of the keyboard. There are three or four (depending on your model) very small phillips head screws running along the top of the keyboard unit. With a small philips head screwdriver, take out each of these screws and store them so that you can be sure not to lose them. Remember they are very small, so you don't want to drop any of them. I like to store them on the sticky side of a piece of tape to be sure they aren't going anywhere.

Remove the Keyboard.

Now that you have removed the screws, gently remove the keyboard pulling from the top. As you remove the keyboard, you will find a ribbon of wires that connect the keyboard to the laptop's motherboard. Lift the keyboard gently so that you can access the ribbon wire and the motherboard bracket to which it is attatched.

Disconnect the Ribbon Wire

Using the small standard screwdriver, gently push up the bracket locks on either side of the ribbon wire to unlock the bracket. With the bracket now loose, remove the ribbon wire from the motherboard.

Install Your Replacement Toshiba Keyboard

Having just removed the old ribbon, you will now take your new keyboard and insert the ribbon wire into the bracket you just unlocked. Using your screwdriver, push the bracket locks back into place and gently pull the ribbon wire to be sure it is properly seated and firmly in place.

Secure the Replacement Keyboard

Take one of the keyboard screws and reinstall the keyboard. At this point, you should test the system to be sure the keyboard is working properly. Once the test in complete, reinstall each of the screws that run along the top of the keyboard.

Install the Bezel

Now that everything is in place, and secure, replace the bezel by gently pushing it back into the system working from left to right. From here, you are ready to start using your new keyboard, and you have given your laptop a new life.

Where to find Keyboards

Replacement keyboards are offered for sale in by various retailers (including Amazon) and on eBay. Because Toshiba laptops are so popular, you will not have a hard time finding the keyboard that matches your system.


When purchasing your Toshiba keyboard, double check the reseller to be sure they are reputable. While the keyboards don't cost very much, there is no reason to risk losing your money. Find a domestic seller with some background to be sure you are buying from a trustworthy dealer. Often these keyboards are sold from overseas which makes it more difficult if you have issues with the keyboard purchase.


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