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How to Fix or Replace iPhone Parts

Updated on November 10, 2013
How to fix or replace iphone parts. A DIY Guide.
How to fix or replace iphone parts. A DIY Guide.

How to fix iPhone Home Button

The Apple iPhone is not made to last forever however it does not mean that we need to be up for exorbitant costs to fix some of the more common elements that need repair. Accidents do happen and if you have purchased your phone outright, and do not have AppleCare or another warranty that covers accidental damage, the need to know how to fix or replace iPhone parts is more important than ever.

The most common repairs made to iPhones relate to battery issues, broken glass screens and a non responsive home button. Whilst your first though would be to visit a repair shop, think again. With a little know-how and in some cases zero outlay, you can fix or replace the parts yourself.

There are arguably always three options available when something goes wrong. You can live with it, buy a new one or look to have it repaired. It may need a little extra patience but if you are up for a challenge, here are some guides to help you tackle some of life's inconveniences.

How to fix, or replace iPhone parts. Yourself.

Repair and Replace a Broken iPhone Glass Screen

Have you ever done the unthinkable and dropped your iPhone only to cringe as you turn it over hoping that your glass screen has come out of it unscathed? I have. Too many times to mention.

The humble screen protector will provide some protection however only to a degree.

Unfortunately luck can, and does run out. Would you know what to do if your iPhone glass screen cracks, or worst still, smashes beyond recongnition?

Whilst you can visit any number of repair shops, or even the Apple store to have it fixed, almost to brand new condition, it will set you back a small fortune, not to mention it could invalidate any Apple warranty you have.

Did you know that you can purchase a complete repair kit, complete with the tools, and replace it yourself? Obviously depending on the severity it may prove to be a challenge however in a world of do-it-yourself, why not give it a go. The range of repair kits available are large. Make sure you purchase the kit that suits your particular model, whether it be the 3G, 4 or 4S, or even the 5, and the detailed video guides online make for an interesting, yet satifsying exercise.

Surprisingly though, it is more straight forward than you think and it could save you a lot of money. The only downside is the time you need to wait for the kit to arrive in the mail. At least be aware of your options and understand the true price of a kit versus what a repair shop will charge you.

Should you replace your own broken glass screen?

Before you jump into this, take time to not only view the instructional video but also read through the written procedure so see if it rings true to you. Remember also that what you do to your device, you do at your own risk, which could obviously include further damage to phone, but worse still damage to yourself.

How to replace your broken glass screen

Video instructions are key to this process, to show you the complete procedure to follow, however as a brief guide, this is effectively the steps you must follow.

1: Back up your device

It is always recommended to back up your data, whether it be in iTunes or iCloud. It is also advisable to turn your phone off and remove your SIM card before you start.

2: Remove the back case cover

The base of the phone has two little screws which need to be removed. The back cover will then slide up and off.

3: Remove the battery connector and internal components

Unscrew the battery connector screws and remove the battery by pulling gently on the plastic pull-tab connected to it. You should now see a series of screws which are holding a metal metal shields onto the motherboard. These all need to be removed carefully and strategically as not only are they different lengths but their return location must be identical.

Once the camera is removed and all the accompanying wires, then there is the speaker and vibration motor. Place all of these components in order so that you can reverse the process when putting it all back together. (Refer to the below video for details)

4: Remove the broken glass

There are 10 screws holding the glass screen into the metal frame. Once removed, you can carefully separate the glass from the frame with a thin plastic tool. Remember that if your glass is shattered wear protective gloves at this point.

Depending on the model, there may also be some cables which will need to be pulled through the metal frame also as you separate it.

5: Install your new glass

This process is now a matter of reversing everything we have just done. Thread the cables on the side of the new glass back through the metal frame. Once the glass is aligned to the frame, re-screw in the 10 screws.

Replace each component back strategically and carefully. Take your time and be patient.

Home Button Not Working? Free Solution
Home Button Not Working? Free Solution

iPhone Home Button Repair

A very common problem with the iPhones is the way the home bottom becomes more and more unresponsive and equally frustrating. There are two ways to address this problem yourself.

One way requires you to purchase a repair kit, which is relatively inexpensive, but the intricate steps to follow to not only pull apart your device but carefully and strategically 'operate' on it, is far too risky for what really is only an annoying problem.

It is highly advisable to take the free option. This option will not only take you only a few minutes to activate, but it will ensure that you do not cause more problems than you started with if you accidentally replace the 'wrong' part.

Believe it or not, the solution is actually already a feature of your iPhone that you probably have never even come across before. It is called Assistive Touch. Simple, easy to follow detailed instructions on to to fix the home button are available here.

Common iPhone Problems

Screen Freezes - No Display:

If your screen freezes up and there is no response to any action you take, the best solution is to turn your phone off and back on again. Next suggestion is to reset the phone by holding the home button together with the the sleep/wake button at the top. You can always connect your phone to iTunes to restore also.

iPhone will not turn on:

If your phone has run out of battery without you realising it can actually take a minute of so to turn back on once it is connected to the power. If you still see no response once you have waited a few minutes you may want to consider a new battery.

Replace the iPhone Battery

Have you ever noticed that your battery drains really fast? Sometimes it could be related to the number and type of apps that you have, sometimes it could be related to number of apps running at the same time and remember also that particular settings such as location services, notifications and levels of brightness all take power to operate.

All batteries need care and whilst you can invest in a booster they are not the most practical of items. You can always replace the battery itself. The video above that demonstrates the replacement of the glass screen, shows the basic steps to removing the back of the iPhone and removing the battery. Follow these exact steps and replace the battery itself. That is one of the easiest parts to replace.

There are bound to be problems Apple iPhones. It is a shame given the price we pay however be assured that there are more not only solutions available, but many are free or relatively inexpensive. Touch wood nothing ever happens to yours but if it does remember you can fix or replace iPhone parts yourself.

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      Nice and informative video you share here, thanks.


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