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How to Format a Computer and Install Windows 7

Updated on March 5, 2014

How to format a computer and install windows 7 caught my interest as I go deeper in the nitty-gritty of computer technology. I feel delighted to share my experience. I have used Microsoft Windows 7 for quite some time and I think it worth this write up. This knowledge as personally helped me and I hope you will find this interesting. With the constant progress in World of Computer Science, it is no longer a subject so dreaded due to its perceived complexity in the past.

This knowledge is becoming compulsory just as computer usage in almost every facet of human endeavour. If at least this will ease, hasten and make one avoid the trauma some time encountered in the course of fixing up and formatting a computer when the need arises.

An Operating System is a Computer Software that (like Windows 7) serves as a link between the Hardware and other software the computer require to function. I discussed this extensively in my article titled:" What is the meaning of Operating System". So there could be no computer without an OS. This is why great attention is invested on its design, review and upgrade whether for a computer system or similar gadgets like a Smartphone.

To format a Computer requires cleansing and removal of existing programs in the system such as the operating system, application Software and perhaps all personal storage in the hard drive. It is a cleanup in order to re-install an operating system, applications and computer Programs

There are two major approaches involved in the installation of Windows 7

  • Direct upgrade, alternatively called in-place upgrade: This is simply upgrading from an old version of Windows to a new version without deleting existing files settings and programs. Direct upgrade may not be available for some windows into a fresh operating system.
  • Fresh installation: This is a situation when the computer is cleaned up. That is formatted before installing an OS like Windows 7. As a result all formal programs and installations will go.

From personal experience this later approach is better than in-place upgrade as it tend to take care of existing and unforeseen issues that could be detrimental to the smooth running of the system.

Other reasons for formatting a Computer include:

  • When as existing Operating system cannot meet the demand under which the computer was purchased. Not necessarily Windows 7 installation, it could be any Operating system that is applicable and that will meet the purpose in view.
  • When an existing Operating System freezes or crashed. There will be a need to format the system and re-install the same OS or any other one applicable.
  • An incidence of Computer virus attack and all measures to undo the virus proved abortive. The computer most necessarily be formatted and a fresh System software uploaded.
  • A need to speed up the computer system. A speed up software may not work except the System is formatted in consonance with a required operating system.
  • When you wish to give out a computer as a gift or get it sold, there may be the need to format the computer in order to give it a fresh status and perhaps do away with personal or confidential information and data.

This process is both automatic and procedural it depends on the model of the computer and its configuration. For example the HP recovery tool automatically formats the system and re-installs an existing operating system. But in a situation of fresh installation like upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, the system has to be formatted. This is achieved via a Compact Disc, DVD or bootable USB Flash Drive inserted into the computer.

System Requirements for the Installation of Windows 7

It is not just sufficient to nurse the desire for the installation of an OS but it suffices to state that the issue of compatibility has to come to play in terms of the Windows version and existing hardware. Apart from various versions of Windows 7, the OS come in 34-bit or 64-bit, you have to be conversant with this.

Larger memory will demand that you use 64-bit as it is better managed. And perhaps if you are doing an in-place upgrade you cannot use a lesser version to upgrade to a higher version of Windows 7 and vice versa.

In order to install Windows 7 you will need up to:

  • 5716 MB free disk space (16GB) for 32-bit and 20GB for 64-bit Processor
  • 1GB RAM (memory) for 32-bit and 2GB for 64-bit
  • A processor of 32-bit or 64-bit that clock at IGHz and above
  • The system should support Direct x9 graphics with WDDM 1.0 and above.

Additional requirements may apply for certain features. Please contact Microsoft online for such requirements.

Windows 7, still the most desired Microsoft OS
Windows 7, still the most desired Microsoft OS

How to Format a Computer and install Windows 7(helpful hints)

Windows installation is a process which must be clearly understood and applied. Here are some helpfu hints below:

Step one: Switch your computer on and insert Windows 7 installation CD or a bootable USB flash drive.

Step two: When asked whether you wish to boot from the CD, click OK and reboot the computer. Windows installation Files and Set up will start loading automatically. However if you are not asked whether you wish to boot from the CD, the system BIOS setup have to be adjusted so that the system can boot from the CD or DVD.

Step three: Choose time, location, Keyboard input,preferred language, Currency and click install.

Step Four: Read the licensing conditions for Windows 7. If you accept, click I agree and then click next.

Step Five: When asked what type of installation. Choose Custom (Advanced). As indicated earlier a clean or custom installation is preferable. Choose drive options when asked where to install Windows 7.

Step Six: Format the partition where you wish to install Windows 7. If the first time the System is been formatted, you may not found partitions. You can format and create partitions perhaps C and D. It depends on the size of the Hard Drive. If there are no partitions you may lost you data and other personal effects when the Computer develop a fault that may require formatting the hard drive. When asked what type of formatting, choose New Technology System File (NTSF)

Step Seven: Windows 7 setup will start installing. Time taken will depend on the speed of the computer. Usually it ranges between 30mins to one hour. The system will reboot. When asked to press any key, don’t respond. Windows will continue to install.

Step eight: You will be require to choose computer user name. Choose a password you will not forget or you may leave it. Enter Windows 7 product key and click next.

Step nine: Indicate the type of updating you prefer. This is self explanatory. It is advisable to have internet connection and opt for Microsoft updates online.

Step ten: Choose time zone, date and the correct time.

Step eleven: Choose network type. If the system is linked to more than one computer, choose home group and insert password for sharing files. And if otherwise, choose home network.

Step twelve: When Windows 7 finish installing. Insert the manufacturer CD to install drivers (it is user friendly). With successful System drivers’ installation, Windows 7 is ready for use. If System drivers are not correctly updated some components of the computer will not work.

I once formatted a Dell computer and install Windows XP and discovered that the audio components such as the internal speakers stopped working. It was purely a problem of compatibility of the Operating System and the system drivers. But when the necessary updates were in place, the problem was solved.

How to format a computer and install Windows 7 shouldn’t be an uphill task after this discourse. Get Windows 7 software from an accredited Microsoft agent and do as stated above. If you however encounter issues beyond your knowledge, please consult a more experience individual. Hope you find this helpful.


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      tiger rathore 2 years ago

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      tiger rathore 2 years ago

      8hello plz agar koi folder virse aa jay to use kese delete kese kre windose 8 me bina forment kiye plz

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