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How to Forward a Text to a Group List on an Android Phone

Updated on November 21, 2012

Texting is a major part of social communication in today's ever-changing world. It can be really time consuming to send texts to members of your contact list when you have to add each contact one at a time. The entire point of texting is to communicate and convey a message quickly to one or more individuals.

Unfortunately, Android does not allow us to create personalized groups within the contact list like most email services do. This means that each time we want to send a mass texts to many contacts, we have to manually add each person. This is annoying to say the least. Also, when forwarding a text, often the texts will begin with FWD: When sending to the second recipient, it may say FWD: FWD: This is improper format. Also, what if you don’t want the recipients to know it is a mass text? The FWD: makes the text seem impersonal. This may sound petty, but this is literally the way our culture communicates now. Shouldn’t we get it right when we know we have the technology and capability to do so?

There are several apps for Android and other smart phones have a consistent solution.

One option is creating a specific list from your contacts known as a "group." After the group is created, you can easily send a text to all members within the group without having to manually add or forward the text to each contact. In order to create groups on your android, you may need to download an app for this feature. These are usually free in the Android Market. You will also need to be able to access your email though your mobile device to set up groups. Many users use Gmail for this.

The process is quite simple. The first step is downloading the software to your android using an app such as HandsentSMS or chompSMS. After you create the message to be forwarded to your group, hold it for a few seconds and select "Forward" when prompted. At this point, you will need to select the plus sign (+) to select a group. From there, your contact lists of groups will appear. Select the desired group and click send.

Because Android does not allow you to create groups within its master contact list, downloading a third party app is necessary to complete this. Once you get it set up, it will make sending mass text messages so much quicker and easier.

It is also important to know that when sending a group text that the number of texts deducted from your balance will equal the number of recipients within the text group. For example, if the group has twenty members and you send one text to the group, your text message balance will be deducted by twenty text messages, not just one.

Creating groups with your Android is really simple. Doing this will make texting to multiple contacts easier. Downloading the app for this has saved a lot of time for users and made texting to the masses a more uniform process.


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