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How to Generate 20,000 Facebook Likes

Updated on December 2, 2011

Step 1: Build a Team

If there is one thing I have learned over the years of being a socialpreneur, it's that social networking and marketing was not meant to be a solo-endeavor. Just as socializing is a group experience, so is social networking and marketing.

So if you want to make your facebook fanpage successful and generate a strong buzz to your cause, the first thing you need to do is build your team. I learned this the hard way myself. As a beginning social networker, I found that I could only generate around 10 likes per day, if I spent at least four hours going at it. This was grueling work, and it didn't dawn on me just how silly it was for me to be doing it alone, that things started to change.

What really made me see the light, was after a few months of link sharing with a few friends. I realized that by working with others, passing on each others causes, I was able to get way more attention to my pages. Now with a whole entourage of friends, associates and partners on my friends list, I can accomplish a lot in a very small time frame.

The key, is to making sure that your team is dedicated above all things. Secondarily, you want to try to have as large a team as you can. I found this useful after going through several periods where some of my best team mates were off on vacation or enveloped by their own entrepreneurial adventures, and didn't have any time to help out when I really needed them. So by having a large team, you can feel confident that you'll always have that social exposure you need when attracting interest to your fan page.

And remember, starting out small is still better than nothing at all. Sure it will probably just be you for a bit, and then you will only have one or two friends you can really count on to help you, but that's still more exposure. If one person can generate ten likes in four hours, then four people can generate forty likes in the same time period. As you build your team, you'll also build your personal value, as you will be on your team members team to, helping them generate likes to their causes, which creates a revolving door of exposure and interest.

Step 2: Team Tasks

Once you and your team are ready to go, there are several things you need to have everyone work at doing, in order to gain maximum interest in your fanpage.

  • Find Facebook Groups related to your cause and let them know about your page.
  • Find other fanpages with similar interests as your cause, and tell them about your page.
  • Use the Facebook search-bar under "public posts" and see who's talking about your cause or similar causes, and make friends with them.
  • Write articles, hubs and editorial reviews about your cause that can showcase your fanpage.
  • Go to forums and online groups that are targeted to your cause or similar interests.
  • Post your cause and fanpage to free classifieds sites such as craigslist

Step 3: Host In Person Parties

A great way to get a quick buzz going, is to have live social buzz-parties going. This is when you invite all your local team members to meet up for a call to action. Together you can get excited about the next great project (or projects) you are working on, and you can all sit down together and start generating a buzz.

This is the best way to create optimal momentum for your fanpage, as even after everyone has gone home and only 5% of your dedicated team mates continue to support your search for "likes", you will have already generated enough interest for your page to be passed around by random visitors, increasing your likes everyday.

Step 4: Don't Forget to Return the Favor

Building a team means that you are part of the team as well. So you can't just go around asking people to help you, and then not return the favor. Or at least, you can be that way, but you'll find your team members less and less available every time.

The key to this team, is that everyone is at the top of it some of the time, but then the wheel revolves and your back on the bottom again. That's not a bad place to be though, because being a part of a social team means that you always have lots of contacts.

Step 5: Fanpage Advertising (optional)

It really does speed things up if you can throw some funds into facebook fanpage advertising. They allow you to go with any amount you can afford, though for 20,000 likes, you really want to be in the $100 range at least (as long as you have a team in place as well), much more if you are generating likes solo.


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    • profile image

      Joe Lee 5 years ago

      This is helpful. Allow me to gain insights to generating more LIKES.

    • BizGenGirl profile image

      Bema Self 6 years ago from Seattle

      Very good question RighterOne.

      Truthfully, the "point" to getting so many likes, varies and depends on why you are trying to generate likes. The short easy answer - it creates AWARENESS about whatever your fanpage is about. Whether that's your online writing, your business, a cause or something else entirely, getting more likes generates more initial awareness, which can then be fostered into interest.

      When I originally wrote this hub, it was for business owners/managers who were seeking to increase their awareness level on social media networks, because they feel it will help them generate more sales.

      Now.... even the novice social media manager will understand that simply creating awareness won't necessarily help you generate the kind of interest that will create sales, there are still plenty of people out there who don't want you advice on what they should really do, they just want to know how to do what they think they need to do, and in my experience at the time, that was mostly "how I get more facebook likes to my fanpage?"

      That question is pretty generic and often asked most by:

      -Affiliate Reps





      Now, the real question... which isn't "how to get 20,000 likes", it's what would you do with 20,000 likes?

    • RighterOne profile image

      RighterOne 6 years ago from Chicago, Illinois - USA

      Will definitely be trying some of these suggestions out. One question though: what's the whole point of having a bunch of likes in the first place? I mean, having 5000 friends and then throwing your articles out on your time-line (along with the rest of your team's) is useful in generating views. Then they click the ads (hopefully) and you get paid. But what about likes? Does FB pay you for those? Otherwise, what's the point?

      Oh, aside from just publicity - which is obvious. I just mean that I click on 'like' all the time for various things - but what to these pages get in return?

    • rakibahamed profile image

      rakibahamed 6 years ago from Bangladesh

      Nice and helpful tip

    • sandarya profile image

      sandarya 6 years ago from Bangalore, India

      Great hub i am already working on few steps you have mentioned in the hub and got to learn some new, unfortunately i also learned this strategy through hard-way... i enjoyed your hub very much and looking forward for more of a same kind. thanks, and have nice day.