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How to Get More Pinterest Followers in 5 Easy Steps

Updated on April 9, 2012

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Pinterest, a social media style pinboard website that has the fastest growing user population today. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Pinners can follow other users and keep track of what they’ve pinned. Many companies are seeing the potential of Pinterest for brand awareness and to drive sales. By increasing your following, more users will view your interests and details, resulting in traffic to your profile, website or blog.

"Pinteresting" Statistics

  • 83% of US Pinterest users are women
  • The first prototype was available to a small group of colleagues and family members
  • According to, the majority of users browse Pinterest while at work

Here are 5 ways to get more Pinterest followers:

1. Create Original Content
Pinterest users are always looking for original content to pin to their boards. By creating, uploading and pinning pictures and videos they will soon go viral for the world to see. Try to create contents that relates to the message you want to portrait, i.e. something related to your business or cause.

2. Follow Other Pinners
Chances are if you follow another Pinner, they’ll probably follow you back. Find users that have similar interests to you who will appreciate your pins. Pinterest is a website full of fun and creative people who like to bounce ideas off each other. You can use the @mention feature to let Pinners know that you are discussing them or their pins.

3. Let The World Know That You Pin
Pinterest can be easily linked to your other social media networks, blog or website by using plugins and buttons. Place a “Pin It” button or Pinterest logo on your website or blog to entice users to follow you. There is also Facebook integration for Pinterest, which will post your pins on your Facebook wall. People will become curious and follow you to see what you come up with next.

4. Write Great Descriptions
Pinterest requires you to write a description for new pins, which allows users to find your pin when using their search engine. By writing descriptive captions, you’re allowing users to find you more easily. The more users who find your pins, the more likely they are to follow you. Use a keyword tool if you can’t think of an appropriate description.

5. Pin Regularly
It is very important to pin great quality pins regularly. Organize your board so that you have an idea of the types of things you would like to pin. You can search the internet for inspiration based on those boards, or find other pins that already exist on Pinterest. Pinners like to see that you’re involved with the website, bringing new and exciting content every day.

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    • Anishpat profile image

      Anish Patel 5 years ago from San Francisco + Mumbai

      Great Hub! Thanks, it has all the answers I was looking for.